How to Remove Fireplace Doors

In the early time, the only warmth source during the winter was to be the fireplace of the house.

There was no other option, and their myths and stories have conducted revolving the fireplace.

But modern times have replaced the idea of the fireplace being the only warmth source with electric heaters and others. But the appeal of the fireplace did not vanish.

And that is why people look for the process of how to remove fireplace doors to install one at their house to keep the place cozy and also have the adorable view of the fireplace.

Having the fireplace placed near you in one corner of your house can make you feel the old vibe of childhood, and you can relax your time thinking about the happy memories.

how to remove fireplace doors

The fireplaces were mainly constructed in such a way that it can burn up the woods or the coals in it and produce heat in the room.

This was one of the most practiced methods of the old times to keep the house warm for the family gathering.

There used to be family gatherings in the evening near the fireplace. They used to enjoy their daily chores and also tell stories.

But all these practices have been cut off as we see only a few houses have the fireplace installed nowadays.

And this modern and busy era does not allow the family to sit together, without having the smartphones in their hands.

But many people out there are still trying to keep that feeling alive in their houses. They built up the fireplaces and enjoyed the warmth of it.

But modern fireplaces mostly come along with the doors. And many people do not like the idea of having the doors in the fireplaces.

That is why it becomes important to know the process of removing the doors without damaging the fireplace.

So check the below section to find out the process of removing the different types of doors of the fireplace to make them an open fireplace to enjoy the beauty of the fire.

How to Remove Fireplace Doors: Removing Different Types of Doors

Hold the fireplace door firmly while removing the screws from a glass fireplace. In case of bifold glass fireplace doors, push up the spring clip of the top-notch. Remove the pin from the downside of the door as well. Don’t forget to place the door and screws in a safe place.

There are many types of fireplaces are available in the market. And removing the doors from the different types can be slightly different.

And it may seem to you that you can not remove the doors as it seems to be firmly fitted. But you can remove them very easily if you follow the steps of removal properly.

This will sometimes lead you to change a few tools of the fireplace as they can be connected in the fireplace.

That is why replace the tools of the fireplace without giving a second thought. That will not damage your fireplace even for a bit.

Type 1: Removing glass fireplace doors

The very first thing that you need to do is to locate the L-shaped brackets from the bottom of your fireplace.

Then you need to get a Philips screwdriver to remove the screws from the bracket. There will be four screws to remove.

And opening the screws will have the frame hanged by only lintel clamps. Now take pliers to remove the screws of the lintel clamp.

While you open up the srecws, make sure that you hold the doors firmly as they can fall and break. Now remove the doors from the clamp by tilting a bit.

Hold the doors tightly and tilt a bit to remove it from the clamp and place the doors in a safe place along with the screws.

This way, the doors are being set aside, and you can fire up your fireplace at any time and enjoy it.

Type 2: Removing bifold glass fireplace doors

Removing the bifold glass fireplace doors is very easy. All you need to pay attention to is that the fireplace is not hot or lit while you do the job.

As you have make sure that the fireplace is out of the fire, then you can start your work. Open one set of bifold doors.

Then push up on the spring clip of the top-notch. Then slide the top of the door outwards and remove the pin from the downside of the door.

The pin may be placed in the pivot hole, so remove gently. And remove the door using both hands to keep them secure.

Repeat the same process for the other bifold door set of the fireplace and completely remove the doors.

Type 3: Removing prefab fireplace bifold doors

To remove these doors, open up the gates fully. Then push the upper side of the clip to reduce the pressure and remove the pin from the place.

Take the door and lift that up to reveal the bottom pin of the doors.

Then gently move away from the door outwards to remove the clip from the bottom and release it from the top to remove the doors correctly.

Do it for the other part of the door to remove the doors correctly and without damaging the parts of the fireplace.

Type 4: Removing masonry fireplace doors

Many people love to install the masonry fireplace at their home.

To remove the masonry fireplace doors, you need to open up the doors and remove the screws from the frame and the doors.

Use a Philips screwdriver to remove the screws properly to get the doors out of the fireplace without damaging the fireplace. This is one way.

There can be masonry fireplace doors that come along with tension clips.

For those doors to remove, you need to push the door upwards and remove the pin from the top and then pull the door outwards to remove the bottom pins.

After you remove all the pins, now you can take away the doors from the fireplace and enjoy the fire warmth.

These are the different types of fireplace that can be there in the market. So, follow them according to the type of your fireplace to make the doors removed without damaging the fireplace at all.


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