How to Remove Drawers from Craftsman Tool Box in 5 simple steps

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A Craftsman tool box is used to keep all the necessary tools in one place. Keeping a variety of tools in the drawers may let a few small ones get stuck or fall behind a drawer.

You can clean the slides or find the lost tool when you know how to remove drawers from a Craftsman tool box.

Use a brass strip to easily remove the drawer and reinstall it back to the Craftsman tool box without much hassle. Because the Craftsman tool box uses a similar glide system as others.

Read on for a how-to guide to remove drawers from your Craftsman tool box.

Remove Drawers from Craftsman Tool Box

Steps to Remove Drawers from a Craftsman Tool Box

Step 1: Remove all the tools from the drawer

At first, you need to remove the tools from the drawer you want to open. Keep the tools in a large container so that they don’t get lost.

Step 2: Collect the necessary tools

To remove a drawer from a Craftsman tool box, you won’t be needing any fancy tools. The only tool you will need is a brass strip or a hacksaw blade.

Usually, the drawers are locked with the glides with levers. Many Craftsman tool boxes also have tabs on the glides which hold the drawer.

Step 3: Pull the levers up or down

After removing everything from the drawer, you need to extend it fully until it stops coming out. Now check if the Craftsman tool box has levers or tabs on the glides.

If there are levers on the glides, pull the bars. You will need to pull them up or down depending on the position of the lever.

Step 4: Push the Tabs

However, if the glides have tabs, then you will have to push the tabs. You can skip this step if there are no tabs in the glides of the Craftsman tool box.

Step 5: Lift the drawer and pull it towards you

To finally pull out the drawer, grab it with your hand from both sides of the drawer and lift it up a little bit. Then pull it from the Craftsman tool box.

If this doesn’t work, you will need a screwdriver. With a screwdriver, insert the head of the screwdriver in the slot and push the glides.

Following this step by step guide, you can easily remove a drawer from your Craftsman tool box.

How to Organize a Craftsman tool box

After you are done cleaning the Craftsman tool box or finding the tool that was lost, you will be putting the tools back in the Craftsman tool box.

To organize the toolbox, group similar kinds of tools. Keep them in their own sections in the drawers with tool drawer dividers.

A tool sorter will make storage easy.

This will help you to find the tools easily whenever you need to work on a project. An organized drawer of tools makes your DIY home projects more fun and easy.

How to remove snap-on tool box drawers

Similar to the Craftsman tool box, snap-on tool boxes are used to store regularly used tools.

The difference between a snap-on tool box and a Craftsman tool box is that snap-on tool boxes use ball-bearing slides.

First, remove the tools from the drawers.

Then you need to pull the drawer from the snap-on tool box as far as it extends. Check each side of the drawer.

Take a screwdriver and press on the tab. Hold it like this and pull out the drawer. You need to do the same with the other side of the drawer.

That is how you can remove a snap-on tool box drawer.

How to fix a Craftsman tool chest drawer

For some reason, the drawer of your Craftsman tool box has gotten stuck in the middle.

Maybe the drawer is not opening all the way, or it is stuck in one place.

First, try not to pull the drawer harder. It could worsen the situation.

Use a flashlight and observe the side slides to locate the item or part that is causing it to be stuck.

You may have to remove all the other drawers to access the slides and fix the problem.

If there’s an unknown problem causing the drawer to stick in the middle, it may be better to call a professional handyman.

Removing a drawer from a Craftsman tool box or fixing it can be a simple task. They are made of sturdy materials so that they are easy to deal with.

In any case, you can follow the above tips to remove the drawers of your Craftsman tool box.

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