How to Remove Dog Urine from Carpet

Having pet urines around the whole house is a common scenario for the pet owners. Especially on the carpets of your house.

Your pet dog loves the warmth of the carpet and eventually loves to pee on it. And that causes the dog urine smell.

How to remove dog urine from carpet can help you to solve the issue and stop your house smell like a dumping area of your pet dog.

how to remove dog urine from carpet

Removing the dog urine smell might be a difficult job as your pet dog is not always willing to dump in the appropriate area.

And that is the core problem. But you can surely keep your house smell-free if you follow some simple steps.

Those steps do not require any special attention; rather, they are an easy and fast method to move with. Follow the below section to know about the methods.

How to Remove Dog Urine from Carpet

Enzymatic Cleaners

There are several items sold in the market that can help you to remove the smell from the carpet. Enzymatic cleaners are of those items.

You can simply spray that in the carpet area that is causing the smell and let it sit for a while.

Then rinse the carpet to remove the smell or just vacuum the carpet. That is all.

Wet Vacuum

Wet vacuum are also very effective in removing the dog urine smell from the carpet. Use the wet vac at your house and clean the area in no time.

They do not cost a lot as they can be bought in the range of 150 dollars to 200 dollars.

Hydrogen Peroxide and baking Soda

This method is a home remedy to remove the pet urine smell from the carpet. At first, you need to wet the area and then apply a coat of baking soda on top.

Then mix a quarter of hydrogen peroxide with dishwashing soap to spray on the baking soda.

Gently rub the area with a brush to remove the urine from the place.

Lastly, vacuum the area to make sure that there is no baking soda left on the area, which can cause any harm to your loved pet dog.

These processes can help you to take good care of your pet and house at the same time.


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