How to Remove Dog Urine from Carpet – 4 Easy Ways

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Your dog is a true four-legged friend, and sometimes urine around the house is far from an uncommon scenario.

Aside from behavior training and health checks at the vet, you will have to get the carpets and rugs free from stains.

For canine lovers around the world, enjoying your dog’s company without the smell and stains of urine can be an essential question.

Read on to find out how to remove dog urine from your carpets in a pet-friendly way.

how to remove dog urine from carpet

Among the many products on the market to help remove dog urine stains and smell, you want the most effective and easy methods working for you.

How to Clean Dog Urine from Carpet

First, locate the urine stains

If you’re having trouble finding where the urine stain is or if you’ve just cleaned the carpet and it still smells like dog urine, you can use a UV light for pet urine to detect the urine spots you can’t see with your naked eyes.
This helps you check for spots that may have been missed from the cleaning.

Method 1: Use an Enzyme Remover

If you haven’t used an enzyme cleaner yet, you should give it a try. That’s because urine stains can soak into the underpad of the carpet and become tough to remove.

Applying the enzyme cleaner so that it soaks into the carpet will help break down the urine and smell.

Follow with Method 2 on the next day. That will get rid of as much of the dog urine as possible from the carpet.

Your first defense to set in urine stains is a dog urine enzymatic formula.

Apply the formula onto the stain and wait 10 minutes. During this time, it will break down the stains.

Then use a cloth to blot up the excess.

The formula is safe for pets when used for stains and wiped up thoroughly.

You can use this method for carpets, hard floors, furniture, and clothing. It will get rid of the urine odor and sticky messes.

Method 2: Carpet Cleaner

If you’ve got a house full of carpet, or large rugs, you’ll want to invest in a carpet cleaner.

On the budget side, the Turbo cleaner/shampooer on Amazon works well.

Use the carpet cleaning solution that it comes with, which is formulated for pet stains.

Or add your own carpet cleaner, which is adding an equivalent of hydrogen peroxide into the water tank. Hydrogen peroxide from the drugstore is safe around pets because it breaks down into water and oxygen. It’s also environmentally-friendly.

For stubborn stains, you’ll want to pre-treat by spraying and soaking the stain with hydrogen peroxide.

You’ll get the stain out with a few swipes of the carpet cleaner. That makes it easy if you’ve got urine stains around the house.

If you want to do the job quickly, you’ll want a heavy-duty carpet cleaner like the Big Green Machine.

The one I have is the Bissell ProHeat for pets. It’s like the little brother of the professional Big Green because it’s half the weight of Big Green. It’s easy to maneuver, relatively, for carrying up and down a two-story house and quick cleaning the day before guests come over.

These carpet cleaners works well even on old stains.

If your dog doesn’t often pee on the carpet, you will want something small like a Little Green Machine. It’s for spot stains. I still have mine and have not used it now with the big machine that can clean large areas all at once.

As with every new solution to clean your carpet or rug, do test a small area first to make sure that you don’t damage your beautiful rug.

dog urine cleaning tips from carpet

Method 3: Vinegar Method

For spot stains of carpets and rugs, mix an equal amount of water and vinegar in a small bucket.

Then put the solution in the place where you smell the dog urine or you can see the stain.

Let the solution sit there for 5 minutes and then rinse it off the rug. To wash and soak up the vinegar, you can use a ShopVac or a spot carpet cleaner, like the Little Green Machine.

You will have to let the vinegar sit longer if there is a lot of calcium buildup, usually if it’s one of your dog’s favorite spot to urinate.

Although a carpet cleaner will make your life easier with a frequently-staining canine, you can get away with using towels to soak up the vinegar solution.

Repeat this method a few times until the stain is gone.

Then use water to remove the vinegar.

The vinegar will break down the stain and remove the dog urine smell from your carpet.

Method 4: Baking Soda Method

This method is best to use after the vinegar and water method. You need to cover the area with baking soda and let it sit for a while.

Then mix one cup of water with a drop of dish soap. Spray this mixture on the baking soda and scrub with a microfiber cloth.

Then let the solution sit until it gets dry. You can use an old toothbrush to rub the area to make sure that the urine stain has gone away.

Lastly, vacuum the carpets to remove the dried baking soda.

What neutralizes dog urine?

Hydrogen peroxide is effective at breaking down dog urine. You can let the hydrogen peroxide soak into the carpet. Then use a carpet cleaner to rinse the carpet.

If you don’t have a carpet cleaner, use a dry cloth to blot dry. Apply water to cleanse it and repeat until the stain is gone.

Once the spot is dry, you can apply a baking soda and water paste. Then use a carpet cleaner to complete the cleaning or a dry cloth to blot it clean.

You can also use a professional strength enzyme pet odor and stain remover. Apply the enzyme pet stain remover thoroughly so that it soaks through the carpet to tackle the underpad. Wait 1 hour.

Then blot it with a clean towel. You can place the towel down and put a heavy object on top for a few minutes.

Remove these to let it air dry.

For older, deeper stains, you might need to do more than 1 application.

What smell do dogs hate to pee on?

If you’re looking for something to spray to stop your dog from peeing somewhere, use citrusy smells like vinegar.

Vinegar has an off-putting smell to dogs. As well, vinegar does a decent job getting rid of other smells of a spot if your dog is marking to cover a different scent.

First, clean the area with vinegar. Rinse with water and wipe it dry. This step will get rid of your dog’s urine smell as well as whatever smells s/he was trying to cover.

Next, soak a cotton ball with vinegar and rub it on the area you want your dog to avoid marking. You might want to dilute it if you’re worried the acidic vinegar will damage.

You can also spray the cleaned area with a no-marking spray that’s designed to train dogs to not mark areas. Keep in mind that like many dog training items, this spray works well for some dogs, while other dogs ignore the smell.


These are the easy methods that are effective for you on how to remove dog urine from carpet .

It will help you get clean and smell-free carpets for you and your pets’ enjoyment.

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