How to Remove Crayon from Wall – 5 Best Ways

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Kids enjoy expressing their creativity with crayon. Anything in the house can become fair game for their artwork, and the next thing you know, you’ve got crayon on the walls.

You can try to create a diversion to their creative pursuits to an easel made for kids. However, you can feel comforted that the crayon does not have to stain the walls forever.

That’s because you can remove crayon from the wall with a trick as simple as wetting a magic sponge and wipe.

Read on for how to remove crayon from walls with cleaners that are safe for kids and pets. You will find that crayon stains can be removed from walls in a few different ways.

tips to remove crayon from wall

There are a few methods to choose from when it comes to removing crayon from the wall.

How to Remove Crayon from Wall

Method 1: The Magic Sponge Trick

how to remove crayon from wall - method 1 with a magic sponge

Although some colors will come off with just a wet towel, others are more stubborn! Use a magic sponge and dampen it with some warm tap water.

Remember to wear gloves, like cleaning gloves or disposable gloves. You won’t want the melamine rubbing on your finger.

Then rub the sponge on the crayon colors on the wall. The crayon should come off easily because it is attracted to the melamine in the sponge.

Once you’re satisfied with how clean the walls are, wet a towel and give the area a clean from the melamine residue.

For a quick clean-up of common crayon messes, have citrus wipes on hand. It also works on gum, glue, and other “fun and sticky” household messes. You will have to go over it with soap and water to clear off the cleaner residue.

Method 2: The Baking Soda Method

Baking soda is a great household cleaner in part because of the grit it adds. You can use a damp cleaning cloth and rub baking soda on the area to remove the crayon from the walls.

Do the rubbing in a circular motion that will more effectively remove the marks.

Method 3: The Toothpaste and Brush Method

Non-gel, white toothpaste is also effective at removing the crayon marks from white-colored wall. Get an old toothbrush brush, or cleaning cloth, and non-gel toothpaste to rub on the area.

This helps remove the marks easily and in less time. Rub in a circular motion to remove the marks effectively.

Method 4: The Mayonnaise Method

Apply some mayonnaise or oil onto a cleaning cloth. Then rub gently on the crayon marked walls.

This method works better on walls with eggshell paint finishes and other gloss-type finishes. Do not use it on matte finish walls because the grease can soak into it.

The oil in the mayonnaise helps break up the grease marks left from the crayons.

Then make a dish soap and water mixture. Dip a clean soft cloth and clean up the grease stain.

Method 5: Pencil Eraser Method

This method works best for non-greasy, conte crayons. Grab your kid’s pencil erasers and rub the crayon marks off the wall.

For grease-based crayons, use the putty eraser instead.

You might want to reserve these for small pickups, as it requires a bit of elbow grease, even for a small area. To cover large areas easy, you will want to use the eraser sponge or the baking soda method.

Method 6: Paint!

This is by far my favorite method! I have saved the best for last.

Because walls are huge and kids’ need for expression is bigger, you might be scrubbing a huge area! So if you’re dealing with more than 1 wall, you will find this to be the best method for getting crayon off your walls.

First, you’ll want to color-match your wall. Grab an inch square of the paint off your wall. Tip: Choose an inconspicuous area.

Bring it to a Home Depot or a home hardware store to match the paint. Note that it’s eggshell, matte, or gloss finish. Most walls have an eggshell or satin finish. To make your life easier, ask if the paint is a paint-and-primer in one.

Next, gather a paintbrush, the paint bucket matching your wall, and maybe some painter’s tape for neatness, with a drop cloth to protect your floor.

Dip your paintbrush in the matching paint and paint over the crayon marks, blending the edges smoothly.

If the marks are stubborn, do another coat of paint after it dries, usually about 15-60 minutes. We find that some colors tend to show through, like pink/red will take 2 or more coats.

Clean your tools with running water right after so that you can reuse them again.  Voilà! Your wall looks fresh, and your little artist can return to paper masterpieces.


These are the 6 clever methods that are effective for how to remove crayon from your walls.

To prevent crayon messes on your walls, you can setup kid’s easels for their crayon art.

Another idea is to have drawing paper always on hand, as well as attach them to the walls and the floor.

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