How to Remove Baseboard Heater

Baseboard heaters are the heaters that warm up the air of the house to make it comfortable for us to live in.

The wind circulation of the hot and cold air is placed regularly in our house because of the heaters.

That is why, to accelerate the wind circulation, baseboard heaters are being set. But sometimes they need to be removed for different reasons.

And how to remove baseboard heater pop-ups in the mind of the users when they face these situations.

And knowing the tricks of the removal of the baseboard heater can help you to deal with the situation very easily.

how to remove baseboard heater

They are also called as the radiant heaters for your house. Removing the baseboard heaters is not that difficult.

But you need to make sure that you follow the instructions of the removal properly to ensure a safe removal. Besides, there are many types of baseboard heaters in the market.

So, know them well and apply the appropriate method to remove them. But the basic removal process will be the same as depicted below.

So check out the below section to find out how to remove baseboard heater without damaging it and keeping you safe from getting an electric shock.

How to Remove Baseboard Heater: Step by Step Process of Removal

The removal of the baseboard heaters is easy and safe as long as you turn off the lines at the first.

You need to make sure that you wear safety measures while you work with the electric lines.

This way, you can do your job easily and keep yourself safe from the shocks.

And sticking to the steps accurately can help you to remove the baseboard heaters in no time.

Step 1: Turn off the heater

The very first thing that you need to do is to turn off the heater. You can go to your circuit box to do so.

When you had the heater installed to your house, the electrician might have the circuit or plug of the heater labeled.

So, look for the heater labeled switch and turn that off. This will stop the power supply to the heater, making it turned off.

Step 2: Locate the junction box of the heater

After you turn the power off of the heater, now you need to locate the junction box of the heater. Find the box and remove the screws of the cover of it.

This box is holding all the wires of the baseboard heater of your house. It should be near to the right or the left of the heater of your house.

So, check just at the side of the baseboard heater of your house.

Step 3: Check the power supply with a voltmeter

Now, as you have removed the cover of the junction box, you need to get yourself a voltmeter.

You can get one of those from the nearby hardware stores or the electrical shops. Touch the circuit with the voltmeter to check if there is still any power supply or not.

If the reading stays on 0, then it means you have cut off the right circuit, and there is no power supply to the heater.

If the reading does not say 0, that means you have turned off the wrong switch, and you need to turn off the right circuit to work along.

Wear gloves that can prevent an electric enclosure to your body. Do not touch the circuit with bare hands as it can cause you to death.

Make sure that you avoid any touch of the skin to the circuit until the power turns off properly.

Step 4: Unscrew the circuit and remove wires along with the baseboard heater

Now you need to get yourself a Philips head screwdriver. You can find those in the hardware stores or groceries.

Open up the screws of the terminal to pull the wires out of the terminal. Make sure that you remove all the screws properly to remove the wires.

Otherwise, the wires may get ruined if pulled off. Remove the bottom screws of the baseboard heater to remove it too.

Remove all the screws safely from the bottom of the heater that holds up the heater in place.

Step 5: Remove the baseboard heater using any putty knife

The installation of the baseboard heater may have been done by cement or paint or caulk.

So insert a putty knife in the back of the baseboard heater to remove the heater from the substance. Do it for all the corners of the heater.

Do it slowly to ensure the safety of the baseboard heater. Slightly push to the heater wall to release the heater from the place.

And keep the heater aside after you remove it from the wall. Ask someone to hold on the heater while to remove it from the wall.

Otherwise, it will get damaged by falling on the floor.

These steps can help you to remove the baseboard heaters from the place it is stuck to.

Now you can change the heater or clean or repair it to install again at your house. The process is easy, and you need only two tools to do it.

So, make sure that you do it properly to avoid any damage to you or the baseboard heater of your house.

But there are some other things such as the cost that are connected to the removal of the baseboard heaters. So know about them to make your work easy to execute.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Baseboard Heater?

As you are confused to do all the job by yourself, you can call the professionals to do it. In that case, you need to pay them to do your job.

The average cost of the removal of the baseboard heater is around 150 dollars depending on the area you are living and the type of baseboard heater you are using at your house.

These will determine the amount of the payment. But the average will be around the figure given.

So, use whatever path you want to choose and remove your baseboard heaters to repair, change, or clean it to keep your family healthy and lead a happy life.


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