How to Preserve Flowers in a Jar

Who doesn’t love getting flowers? The flowers we get come with memories that we want to preserve forever.

You will want to preserve the flowers you get from a special person. Among different methods, you should know how to preserve flowers in a jar.

Also, everyone wants to preserve good memories. Suppose it is your birthday and you got a beautiful bouquet from your best friend.

Or you want to keep your wedding bouquet forever. You will want to preserve these flowers forever.

how to preserve flowers in a jar

Unfortunately, you cannot preserve flowers for a long time and cannot expect them to be fresh like day one.

But there are different methods to keep the flowers in a glass with liquid which will cause the flowers be like new.

However, there are ways through which you can preserve flowers for a long period.

Below, we have provided a step by step guide through which will help you to preserve flowers for a long time.

How to Preserve Flowers in a Jar

Step 1: Pick the flowers you want to preserve

At first, you will need to pick the flowers. Make sure that the flowers are fully bloomed and developed.

Choose a time when you want to pick the flowers. It is a good idea to choose a dry day instead of humid weather.

While picking up, make sure that the petals of the flowers have fully developed.

Also, the method of preserving flowers sometimes depends on the type of flower.

If you have chosen helichrysum, then you will need to get rid of the excess bushes.

On the other hand, if you have decided to preserve hydrangeas, then you will need to pick the flowers only to preserve.

Step 2: Buy a glass jar to preserve the flowers

To preserve the flowers, you will need a jar made of glass. Make sure that the glass is transparent so that the flowers can be seen from outside.

If you have jelly in your refrigerator, you can use those jars as well. Sometimes people like to preserve flowers in snow globes.

The reason is that snow globes look beautiful with different color palettes of the flowers.

However, it depends on you where you want to preserve the flowers. You can find snow globes in a store where they sell crafts.

Then, you will need to cut all the stems from the flowers so that they can fit comfortably in the jar or the snow globe.

Step 3: Let the flowers dry for about two weeks

After cutting all the stems from the flowers, you will need to let the flowers dry. Before this process, separate the flowers in three bundles.

Then tie them together with a band or a rope. Choose a room where the flowers will get enough air. Make sure that the flowers don’t get direct sunlight.

Now, hang the flowers and let them dry for about two weeks. In case you are wanting to preserve hydrangeas, the process will be a bit different.

Keep the hydrangeas in a jar with around 1 or 2 inches of water. Now, keep the flowers in the jar like this for two weeks.

Step 4: Buy florist’s foam to use as the base to preserve the flowers

We use floral foams to arrange flowers. The florist’s foam will help to hold the flowers right in place.

As florist’s foam can be of different sizes, you will need to cut it. Measure the bottom part of the jar and cut the floral foam accordingly so that it fits underneath the jar.

Use a needle to make holes in the foam. Now take the flowers and apply glue at the end of the stems. Work with one glower at a time.

You will need to use wood glue to stick the flowers in the floral foam. Otherwise, if you use other conventional glue, it will be harmful to the flowers.

Wood glue is the best option here. After applying the glue at the end of the flower stem, you will need to push it on the holes you made in the floral foam.

Hold the flower stem for a few seconds so that it stays in the right place.

Step 5: Place the foam underneath the jar with wood glue

Use wood glue to stick the floral foam underneath the jar. Now place the snow globe or the jar on top of the foam.

Place the jar carefully so that you don’t cause any damage to the flower petals. That is how you will be able to preserve flowers in a glass jar.

Preserving flowers in a jar is not that hard if you know the right technique. You will need to be patient and careful throughout the process.

After you are done, you will have a beautiful jar full of colorful flowers. You can use this as a showpiece to keep in your living room, as well.

How Do You Preserve Rose Petals in A Jar?

To preserve rose petals in a jar, you will need fresh roses. If you want to preserve roses that have started to become brown already, the petals will fall off gradually.

So, always use fresh roses. Also, the roses that have started to turn brown will provide an unpleasant smell.

Cut the stems and get the petals one by one carefully. Take a paper towel and place the petals on the towel.

Keep the petals like this in a warm room for a few days. Now, take a jar place the rose petals in it.

That is how you will be able to preserve rose petals in a jar. Before preserving, make sure that the petals had dried off completely.

Don’t preserve petals, which are still soft. In that case, wait for a few more days.

That is how you will be able to preserve flowers as well as the memories attached to it.

Every time you will look at the flowers, you will think of a special person or a special occasion. It is a great way to preserve memories indeed.


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