How to Preserve a Rose in a Jar

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Roses are among the best flowers to make any occasion or space more memorable. It goes without saying that there are many who appreciate roses in full bloom.

What should you do when the event is over or the roses are starting to wilt? You can repurpose them by preserving the roses and arranging them in a decorative jar.

It is a wonderful idea to capture feelings, memories, and a moment in time by way of rose preservation.

Read on for the different ways on how to preserve a rose in a jar.

How to Preserve a Rose in a Jar

There are many different methods to preserve a rose in a jar, decorative globe jar, or even a snow globe.

Follow the next section to find out all the exciting methods to preserve a rose in a jar.

How to Preserve a Rose in a Jar – Best 3 Methods

Preserve a rose in a jar by adding two inches of silica gel. Cover the whole rose with silica gel and close the jar. Leave it for 1 to 3 weeks. After that, remove the silica gel from the rose. Optionally, spray it with a hairspray. Now, you may place the preserved rose in a jar. You can also use clear epoxy resin as another alternative to arrange your preserved rose.

The silica flower drying crystals are color-changing. You will be able to tell when it’s saturated with water. Leave it out to dry in the sun or the oven and you will see the color change back from dark green to its dry color that is orange. This makes the silica reusable again for another batch of flower drying crafts.

For methods that save the color and detail like silica drying, you will want to pick a rose in full bloom at a cool time of the day. This will give you the best-looking preserved flowers.

Method 1: Preserve rose with the silica crystals method

Silica gels are well known for preserving things from rust and mold due to their moisture-wicking properties. Silica gels are also good for preserving roses for long shelf life.

For this method, you will need silica gels, a small soft brush, a container with a lid, and hairspray.

Next, you have to fill the container with two-inches of silica gel and place the flower you have picked. You can put several flowers in there as long as there is an inch of silica around each.

Cover the whole flower with silica crystals. Leave the container closed for 1-3 weeks.

Check on it after a week to see if the flower has completely dried. Handle drying flowers gently.

After the rose has been dried thoroughly, bring out your rose and clean off stray silica crystals with a small brush.

Optionally, seal your newly dried rose with hairspray. You can also use Modge Podge Sealer spray to protect the dried rose from fading. However, it isn’t a necessary step because the roses are preserved with the drying method.

Now, you can place the preserved rose in decorative glass jars like apothecary jars or mason jars. It will enhance the beauty of tables and consoles, and make a great gift, too.

Method 2: Preserve with hanging roses upside down

Preserving roses in this natural way is a sustainable method that lets the flower take on new life in a new arrangement.

This preservation method is one of the easiest and oldest tricks for rose preservation.

For this method to work, you will need a rubber band, twine to hang, and a spot without direct sunlight.

First, cut the rose stems and leaves to reduce the moisture level. This will remove a lot of the water sources from the flower.

If you have stems or leaves that you want to preserve, it will simply take longer. As well, if the rose wilts before the moisture escapes, it may discolor the final result of the drying process.

After you have cut the excess stems and leaves with a sharp shear, tie all the stems together with a rubber band. Insert the twine and hang it upsidedown.

After that, you have to hang it in an area without direct sunlight. This preserves the color from fading. Make sure that the place has enough ventilation to let the rose dry properly.

It can take 2 to 4 weeks for the rose to dry completely.

After it has dried, you can choose to use a coat of hairspray. This step is not required.

Then you can place the preserved rose in the decorative jar or snow globe.

Decorate preserved roses with gold dipping

Gold is one of the metals that has a long life cycle, and it also helps to preserve the elements beneath it.

So you can also try gold dipping on the preserved roses as part of the DIY craft. Flowers preserved with the silica method work well with resin projects.

What you will need for this are gold leaves and a resin kit.

Prepare the resin with the instructions on the kit. Add gold flakes. The rose can be part of a resin ornament or simply dipped in the liquid.

Then let it cure and dry completely.

After the resin gold has dried, you can place the preserved rose in a jar.

Check out the next section for answers to frequently asked questions about rose preservation.

How to Preserve Roses with Hairspray

Hairspray helps seal the moisture out from a preserved rose for a longer time.

This also works on fresh roses. Spraying the roses with a coat of hairspray will let it last up to seven days with regular water changes.

How to Preserve a Rose in Resin

Roses can also be preserved in resin. For preserving a rose in resin, you will have to dry the rose with the silica method first.

Then you have to create a mixture of liquid resin.

Mix the resin properly and dip the rose in the resin. Keep the rose aside for a while to cure the resin.

Make sure that the resin is thoroughly dry. Once the resin is dry, you can pick up the rose.

How to Preserve a Rose with Wax

Liquid wax helps to keep the moisture locked in the fresh things. It’s a natural alternative that works similarly to hairspray.

Dip the fresh rose in liquid wax. Use a stick to wick away any excess beads of wax. Then rest the waxed rose to let it dry.

Use any of the above methods to achieve beautiful preserved roses.

Whether the rose is given by a loved one or it is cut from your flower garden, the preserved rose in a jar makes an inviting home decor.

Finally, you can add a spray of rose perfume or natural air freshener to give a light scent to the arrangement.

How to Preserve Flowers in a Jar
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