How to Preserve a Rose in a Jar

Flowers have always been the best gift for any occasion or person. Especially the admiration of the roses as a gift has a different level of its own.

And coming to the term of preserved rose has a different appeal to it.

Knowing how to preserve a rose in a jar and preserving gifted rose has been practiced for a long time because of the love towards it.

How to Preserve a Rose in a Jar


There are many different methods to preserve a rose in a jar or a glass ball or even a globe.

All you need to do is to bring together all the elements you will be needing to preserve it and follow the perfect steps for it.

Follow the given below section to find out all the exciting methods to preserve a rose in a jar.

How to Preserve a Rose in a Jar – Best 3 Methods

Preserve a rose in an airtight jar by adding two inches if silica gel. Cover the whole rose with silica gel and close the jar. Leave it for 15 to 20 days. After that, remove the silica gel from the rose and spray it with a hairspray. Resin can be another alternative.

Preserving rose methods can be different. But the thing is common in all the aspects is that you have to pick the flower at the right time of the day.

Because the day time has different effects on the plants and the flower.

So, keep in mind to pick the flower in a cool time of the day and also pick the developed flowers to preserve.

This will give you the best looking preserved flowers for your loved ones.

Method 1: Preserve rose with the silica gel method

Silica gels are well known for preserving things from getting rusted or getting fungal infected. Silica gels are also good for preserving roses for longer life.

For this method to work, all you will be needing is silica gels, a brush, an airtight container, and a hairspray.

Get all these elements near your hand before you start your work with the rose preservation. Pick your desired rose for the preservation.

Next, you have to fill the airtight box with two-inch of silica gel and place the flower you have picked. Keep in mind that two-inches of silica works for only one rose.

Cover the whole flower with the gel. Leave the airtight box closed with the silica and flower inside for around 15 to 20 days.

After the rose has been dried thoroughly, bring out your rose and clean the silica gels with a brush and spray it with a hairspray to complete the preservation step.

Next, you can put your rose in the airtight glass jar to enhance the beauty of your house or gift it to your loved one.

Method 2: Preserve with hanging roses upside down

This preservation method is one of the easiest and oldest method of rose preservation.

For this method to work, you will be needing is a rubber band, a rope to hang, a dark room, and a hairspray.

First, you need to cut the rose steam to reduce the moisture level and also cut the leaves of the rose.

The leaves contain a lot of water in it.

So, leaving the leaves with the rose will make the procedure longer, and the color of the rose may become discolored due to the water presence.

After you have cut all the excess steam and leave, now you need to tie all the steam together with a rubber band and hang it upsidedown.

After that, you have to hang it in a dark and cool room. Make sure that the place has enough ventilation to let the rose dry properly.

Leave the rose in the darkroom for around one month to dry up the moisture from it.

After it has dried, use a coat of the hairspray and place it in the jar you want it to be in.

Method 3: Preserve with gold dipping

Gold is one of the metals that has a long life cycle, and it also helps to preserve the elements beneath it.

So, you can also try a gold dipping for your rose preservation. You will need for this is gold leaves, a hot pan, and a rope tie to keep it upsidedown.

At the very first you have to get the gold leaves melted in the hot pan you have got and dip your rose in the liquid gold in an upside-down manner.

You need to keep the rose hung and dipped in the liquid for a minute. Then take the rose outside of the liquid and let it dry properly.

After the gold has dried up, you can place your rose in the jar you want to place in.

As you have preserved your rose, now you are ready to place it in your room or anywhere you want it to sit to increase the beauty of the house.

Or even you can gift it to anyone. The preserved rose will be there with you for life long time to sooth your appetite of beauty and art.

Besides these methods, many other methods can help you to keep your rose fresh for a longer time. Find out the below section to answer your questions.

How to Preserve Roses with Hairspray

Hairspray helps to keep the moisture lock for a while.

So, if you spray your rose with a coat of hairspray, then the rose can last up to seven days if you change the water regularly and keep the room fresh,

How to Preserve a Rose in Resin

Roses can also be preserved in resin. For preserving a rose in resin, you have to get a mixture of liquid resin at first.

Mix the resin properly and dip the rose in the resin. Keep the rose aside for a while to set the resin properly.

Make sure that you dry up the resin properly. Once the resin is dried up, you can pick the rose and place it anywhere to enhance the beauty of your desired area.

Resin also keeps the rose preserved for a life long time.

How to Preserve a Rose with Wax

Liquid wax helps to keep the moisture lock in the fresh things. It works just like the hairspray. But it is totally natural.

So, spray a coat of liquid wax on the roses to make the roses last long for days and increase the beauty of your house.

Use any of the methods given to preserve your beautiful roses and save the memory you have with it.

No matter if the rose is given by a loved one or it is just cut fresh from your flower garden, the rose will make you feel happy.


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