How to Polish Stainless Steel Watches

Think about the watches you have from your parents, which they used to wear at their young age.

That watch is very special to you or could be for anyone. But having scratches or dust on it takes away the beauty of it.

So, how to polish stainless steel watches is a very common question that is asked very frequently.

And what method gives the best output for it is a major concern as you do not want to ruin your favorite watch.

how to polish stainless steel watches

Polishing makes the old watches or the dusted watches look new again. But there are some do’s don’ts to follow to polish a stainless steel Watch.

Because polishing the watch in the wrong manner can harm or damage the look of the watch, and it may get rusted also.

For this reason, many people tried out many techniques to clean their favorite watches and shared them with their beloved ones.

Here We are going to jot down such methods that can help you to polish your stainless steel watches without harming them and getting the best result out of it.

Follow the below section to find that out.

How to Polish Stainless Steel Watches: 4 Methods to Polish

Before we start with the description of the methods, one thing to be said that stainless steel is a metal that is coated with such conditioning metal that stops it from getting rusted.

So, be careful while polishing the metal. Over rubbing may ruin the outer layer of the metal to get rusted.

Method 1: Metal Polish

You can get your stainless steel watch polished with a metal polish and a soft cloth.

For this, you need to read out the instructions first on the metal polish bottle.

Then you need to get a small amount of metal polish on the cleaning pad or on a soft cloth.

The soft cloth will keep the metal away from getting scratched. Rub the watch with the metal polish in the circular motion to avoid any scratch on it.

Do it until the watch gets back its shine and looks like new to you. Do it on both sides of the watch to get the best output of it.

Method 2: Polishing Cloth

You can also polish your stainless steel watch with the help of a polishing cloth. The cloth can be found in the departmental stores or the watch store.

The polishing cloth have microfibers in it. So, whenever you use it on the steel, it will not create any scratch on it.

Take a polishing cloth to smooth the stainless steel watch to make it look like new again. Make sure you do it throughout the watch.

This process can take a lot of time to bring out the shine again. But it is one safe method to treat your stainless steel watch.

Method 3: Aluminium Polish

Using aluminum polish on the stainless steel watch can also give you a smooth finish and avoid scratches on it.

The aluminum polish is rich in oils. The oils make the surface smooth and glossy.

Make sure that you use a soft cloth to polish your watch to avoid any unwanted scratch on it.

Besides, the aluminum coating is given on most of the stainless steel. So, it would also protect the outer coat of the watch and keep it looking gorgeous.

Method 4: Cleaning with Soap Water

Sometimes your watch might need a shower in the soapy water.

Basically, it is needed when there is a lot of dust on it or has been in a place where it held up a lot of dirt in it.

And for this, warm soapy water can easily clean up the chains of the stainless steel watch for you.

Just get a brush and the liquid mixture of soapy water to rub on it. Brush the watch chains properly to remove all the dirt from it.

Next, you need to soak the water from the watch chain with a soft cloth.

Keep in mind, letting the watch dry out water on their own will let it have rust on it. So, it is important to soak away all the water from it to keep it shiny.

The polishing methods can help you to remove dirt, scratch, and dust from it. But it is always better to be extra careful with your favorite accessories.

Taking good care can help you to ensure the accessory’s safety and gorgeousness.

Check the below section to find more about polishing and stainless steel to solve your everyday problem.

How to Remove Scratches from Polished Stainless Steel?

Removing scratches from polished stainless steel is very easy. Simple buffing with a microfiber cloth and nonabrasive cleaner can solve the issue.

All you need to do is just get a soft microfiber cloth and rub the scratches on it.

You can also use warm water and nonabrasive cleaner to clean and polish the stainless steel to remove the minor scratches from it.

How to Remove Rust from Stainless Steel Watch?

Having rust on the stainless steel watch is a very common scenario.

It takes place due to over-polishing or removing the coating layer from the top of the stainless steel.

In this case, the solution of baking soda and water can help you to remove the rust.

The solution of the baking soda and water will help you to rub the rust on the stainless steel and remove it.

The acidic form of the solution removes dirt and rust from the stainless steel and makes the watch look like new. Just rub on it to remove the rust once and for all.

Does Polishing Remove Metal?

Hard polishing sometimes ends up in removing the metal coat on top of any accessories.

That is why it is recommended to buff instead of polishing to maintain the coat intact on the top of the object.

The stainless steel objects are there with us in our regular life. So, it is better to take proper care to maintain its beauty and life length.


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