How to Pass a Radon Test

Chemicals can be harmful to your health. And if those chemicals or gases are or radioactive ones, then you should try to eliminate them from your home.

But how to find out if there is any harmful chemical present at your home or even how to eliminate them from there.

This tension includes the question of how to pass a radon test of your home.

And how even you can point out that you have radon like chemicals in your house can be very difficult.

how to pass a radon test

The radon is a radioactive gas that can be incorporated in your house naturally.

The presence of radon in the area you are living in can be a cause of the presence of the radon at your house.

And there are no such indications to understand that you have radon like radioactive gases present at your home.

For this, what you could do is to test the radon test by yourself of calling the professionals to do it.

But calling them can be very expensive. If you want to avoid the extra expense, then you might want to try out the below process to pass the radon test for your house.

How to Pass a Radon Test: Steps to Follow

To figure out that you have radon present at your home and to pass the test, you need to repeat the steps twice.

The repetition will help you to identify the decrease amount of radon from your house. Strictly follow the steps to do so.

Or else you might end up having severe health issues due to radon.

Step 1: Do the Radon Test

At the very beginning, you need to buy the radon test kits from the market.

You can easily maintain the instructions on the manual of the kit to test radon of your house all by yourself.

If the test shows that you have a radon presence in your house, then follow the next steps.

If the results show that there is no radon around, then you do not need to think about the further steps again.

Step 2: Increase the Ventilation Process

Increasing the ventilation of the house will help you to reduce the radon from the house. So, open up the windows and the doors while there is sunlight outside.

The open doors and windows will increase the airflow in the house and make the house air lighter.

Step 3: Install the Vents

Next, you need to install some vents in the narrow places and the basement of your house. The floor type can affect the placement of the vents.

You can take suggestions from the companies that run the test for radon at home. Or you can just add little vents where you think it is necessary.

Step 5: Increase Air Flow by Adding Fans

Fix ceiling fans or the stand fans to increase the airflow at your home. The fans help to bring the air from the outside to remove the inner air from the outside.

Which helps to increase the air mobility and freshens up the air at your home.

Step 6: Create Drains on the Floor

Now use the fan air to vent out the gas of the house from the floor. You can also create or add drains to the floors to add another exit for the radon to pass out.

The air coming inside the house will make the radon pass through the vents you have made at your home.

Step 7: Do the Radon Test Once Again

Lastly, do the radon test with the kit one more time to find out if the radon amount has been decreased from the house or not.

The ventilation system you have placed in your house must show that the decreased amount of radon at your house.

If the amount is still not decreased or decreased to your desired level, then you need to go through the process one more time.

Continue to do it until your test says that you are out of radon at your house.

If the procedure does not work for you, then you need to call for the company’s that deal with radon removal to make your house safe.

The chemicals present in nature are not always beneficial for our health. That can harm us too.

So, be sure that you do not have something that can hamper your health and your family.

To know more about keeping your house safe from the radon, read the section below.

Can a Dehumidifier Reduce Radon?

A dehumidifier can reduce the effectivity of some radon, but it can not remove them for all. Or they even can not reduce the amount of it that much.

That is why it is not being used to reduce the radon from your house.

Besides, a dehumidifier can not reduce all the radon effectivity as there are many types of it in nature. So, it is not a tool that can reduce the amount of radon from the air.

How Does a Continuous Radon Monitor Work?

The radon monitor works in such a way that it always calculates the amount of radon that is circulating around.

The monitor keeps the ratio system and calculates the density of the radon instantly to give the reading of the radon present at your house.

The radon monitor can help you to know the updated amount of radon present at your home for you to be safe and stay healthy.

Can Radon Tests be Wrong?

The radon can affect a house coming from the soil and others. And a radon test is the only way to find out if there is radon in your house ort not.

But sometimes, the test result may be wrong due to the factors of checking in the wrong place or a place near to a ventilation process.

The chemicals can create much to our body and health and also affect our way of living.

So, it is better to test them around the time to be sure and ready to defend your house from it.


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