How to Paint Metal Furniture with a Brush and Give it a New Look

Metal furniture in the garden, rooftop, or beside the swimming pool represents class, taste, and elegance.

But in humid weather this furniture badly gets rust. So, painting them in every couple of years is a must.

That is why how to paint metal furniture with a brush has become a common question to ask.

Painting metal furniture with a brush is a hard task to do, even for professionals.

Because metal has a smooth surface and it is difficult to paint that easily with a brush. But following these few easy techniques may solve this sort of problem.

16 steps to paint metal furniture with a brush

Tools and Materials You’ll Need

  • Sandpaper
  • Oil-based color
  • Paint Thinner of Mineral spirit
  • A pot to make the mixture
  • Wooden stick to mix the color and minerals
  • A brush with a smooth edge.

Steps to follow for painting metal furniture with a brush

There are some easy steps that can lead you to learn painting metal furniture with a brush

Bring the Furniture Outside

Before starting the job, bring the furniture outside. Rust from the old metal can make your floor dusty.

Besides that, falling a few drops of colors and minerals are usual thing while painting.

So if you do not want a dusty and dirty floor, move the furniture out of your room.

Remove the Rust

Remove the rust from the metal surface by rubbing it with sandpaper. Without removing the rust, the paint will have no effective use.

The color will not sit properly if the metal has a rusty surface.

Clean the Furniture

After removing the rust with sandpaper few powdery forms of it will remain. This can harm the painting.

So you will need to clean the furniture properly with water or a wet cloth.

Dry in Sunlight

The metal needs to be fully dry before you start painting it. A wet surface will not let the color mixture to secure evenly.

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The cleaning procedure will wet the metal. So, after cleaning, let it dry under the sunlight.

Color Selection

Using oil-based color instead of any others will be a wise decision. Because other colors do not suit well over the metal surface.

Pouring Color in the Pot

Pour the liquid oil-based color in a bowl. Remember to fill only half of the bowl. So that you can easily to mix the minerals as much needed.

Adding the Minerals

Slowly pour the minerals you want to use with the color. You can use Kerosene, Mineral Spirits and Turpentine as paint thinner.

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I personally prefer mineral spirits and turpentine because these let the paint dry faster than the kerosene. Use whichever is more preferable or available to you.

But make sure you know the proportion of the mixture. Also, stay alert while mixing the color and minerals.

Making the Mixture

Use the wooden stick to shovel the color and minerals on the container to make a perfect mixture.

Checking Mixture Consistency

Before painting, you have to make sure that the mix has the perfect proportion of paint and mineral in it.

If the mixture seems too thick, then you can pour some more minerals.

And if the mixture seems too thin, then add some more color to maintain the perfect proportion.

How to Paint Metal Furniture with a Brush

Start Painting

After the mixture gets ready, bring the brush. Dip only the tip of the brush into the mixture of color and minerals, and start painting.

Painting Pattern

You need to paint in one direction. Left to right is preferable to many people. Painting the entire surface in the same pattern is preferable.

Patience While Stroking

Do not try to cover up the surface of the metal with color in the first stroke. Few strokes will cover it up.

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Make one layer with single strokes of brush over the metal. Try to put the same pressure in every stroke. Light and consistent strokes will result in smooth paintwork.

Drying the Color

Let the color coat dry in next one or two hours. Otherwise, your next layer might mix up and end in an uneven gesture.

Clean your Brush

Do not forget to clean the brush, after completing each stroke.

Otherwise remaining color inside the brush will get dry, and the brush will have no more use for painting.

Coating the Metal

After drying up the color you put on the metal, give another coat with your brush in the exact same pattern.

Keep repeating consistently in the same method until you have coated the whole area of the metal surface with the color.

This process might take time but it will end up in a smooth color finish over the metal surface.

So, you can paint your metal furniture with a brush with patience and maintaining the patterns with oil-based colors and minerals though the process above is a quite time-consuming method.

Besides, if you have a shaky hand, using a brush also can be an obstacle to paint a piece of metal smoothly.

So, some people use spray colors instead. But spray paint can spread anonymously.

Besides, the distance from spray and metal furniture can vary the density of the color coating.

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It is a great hassle for people in general to mastering over the spray colors. Whereas handling a brush to paint metal furniture is easier.

By following these easy techniques, one can paint metal furniture with a brush entirely without any hassle.


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