How to Ombre Hair – Follow These Essential Tips

Tips to ombre hair

Ombre is a hair color technique to make the bottom portion of the hair to look lighter than the upper part.

This technique has been in fashion for a very long time. With some simple techniques to follow, you can also make your hair ombre.

Just know the steps of how to ombre hair to make yourself a part of the fashion trend. Check the section below to find that process out.

how to ombre hair

How to Ombre Hair

Select Your Preferred Color

At the very first, you need to choose the color that you want on your hair. This is the initial planning to get ombre hair.

Alongside this decision, you also need to determine the length where you want your color to fade out.

Determining this at the beginning is a must to ensure you get the desired result.

Bleach Your Hair

Once you are done with the color selection, now you need to bleach your hair. If your hair is blonde already, then you can skip this step.

Make sure that you wear old clothes to avoid any damage to your dress. Wear gloves while dealing with bleach.

Mix the bleach with the developer according to the instructions of the label of the bleach. Divide your hair before applying the bleach to the hair.

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Making sections in the hair will help you to get the bleach easily on the hair. Use a brush to apply the bleach to your hair.

Start bleaching from the bottom of the hair length, reaching up to the faded area. Leave the bleach to rest for around 30 minutes.

The time may vary on the basis of the type of bleach you are using on your hair.

To get the perfect ombre color on your hair, follow the time given on the label of the pack. Wash with cold water and shampoo to rinse the bleach properly.

Color Your Hair

Dry your hair up and apply the color you like. Follow the steps of bleaching the hair to continue with coloring.

Leave the color to set for 10 to 20 minutes and then wash with cold water and shampoo.

And you are done with ombre hair of your favorite color. Check properly and clean your hand after you complete applying the color.

These simple steps can help you to get the best output for hair coloring.


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