How to Move a Mattress Alone

Mattresses make our life comfortable. The floppy texture and the bouncy bed mattresses are famous around the world for having them on your bed.

They help to remove the tiredness of the work and helps to make the body relaxed. But they also need to have cleaned for the better health of your family.

If you have no one at your home to move the mattress, then the question might occur that how to move a mattress alone and send it to the cleaners.

This is an important part of having a mattress at your home. So, you need to know how to handle such situations.

Because you can not always delay the cleaning and get the help of others later to move it along.

how to move a mattress alone

The mattress are of the size of the bed you have at your home. Which means it is big in size.

And it is recommended by the doctors that you should not try to lift a mattress all by alone. That might create injuries in your backbone as the mattress is heavy.

So, make sure that you take others to help to do the job. But if you still need to do it alone, then you need to be very careful about choosing the methods to move the mattress alone.

There are some methods that can help you to move the mattress without getting hurt. But you need to have patience and use some techniques to do your job.

Check out the below section to find that method out.

How to Move a Mattress Alone: Different Methods to Do So

There are a few methods to move the mattress alone. But you need to make sure that you maintain the proper steps accordingly to ensure the safety of yourself.

Otherwise, you may face severe injuries in your back. So, follow the steps accurately of a particular method to make the work easy and safe for you.

But make sure to get yourself the wrapping cloth or plastic bought in the first place to save the mattress from getting dirty by moving.

You need to make the wrapping proper to ensure the safety of the mattress. This way, you can move along the mattress to anywhere and also keep it clean.

Method 1: Wheeled vehicle

The easiest method to move the mattress all alone is the wheeled vehicles. They are used in the hotel industry to clean the rooms and carry the mattresses.

You can also get yourself a wheeled vehicle to move the mattress on your own. The vehicles come along with a metal frame at the bottom and wheels on it.

This way, you can easily pick up the mattress on or slide on it and move to the desired place.

But if you do not want to buy the vehicle, then you can make it on your own. You can buy plywood and wheels from the hardware store.

The plywood size would be off the size of the mattress.

Then attach the wheels at the bottom of the plywood using a driller or a screwdriver and attach a handle to push the vehicle forward.

Buff off the corners of the plywood to make it even and safe for the skin interaction. And your wheeled vehicle is ready to use.

Now you can move or slide the covered mattress on the vehicle to move along.

Method 2: Slide on one side of the mattress

You can try this method to move the mattress from one place to another. This process can only help you to move the mattress in your house.

The process is easy. You need to get the mattress down from the bed and make it stand on its one side and then just slide off the place.

Push the mattress to move along with you and make sure to keep the path clean when you follow this method to work with.

Method 3: Add rope to pull the mattress

Next, you can try to use the rope system to pull the mattress form one place to another. For this, you need to attach a rope on one side by covering it whole.

Make a tight knot there. And after that, attach another rope vertically to make a handle. Then get another rope and place in the middle.

Attach the other rope to the center of the middle rope. Keep some extended part of the rope to pull the mattress to move.

You can do this method alone to move the mattress from the place to make the procedure easy and safe for you.

Method 4: Using cardboard as a slider

If you have nothing near your hand to move along the mattress to get it to the cleaners, you can try this method.

Most of our house is filled with the cardboard covers of the things we buy from the market.

For this method to work, you need to get those cardboard boxes and make them open and fold them to use.

So, get two large cardboards and make them open and fold them to get them on the floors.

After you get the cardboard on the floor, now you can place the mattress on the cardboard standing on one side.

This will make the movement easy and smooth. Now, just slide the mattress from one place to another to get it to the cleaners and make the mattress clean.

This process is cheap and easy. You can also use this method on the outside of the house. So, you can get that out of the house and take it to the cleaners in no time.

You can also use the same process to bring back the mattress to your house all by yourself and also not by hurting your back.

You can try any of the methods to work with and find the appropriate method that suits your work.

But keep sure that you do not pull the mattress or try to lift them on your own. That will harm your health and make you suffer from illness.


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