How to Measure Radius of A Curve

Having a hot tub in your house makes it very relaxing for you. You can chill in the hot tub after you come back from a long tiring day.

But to install that hot tub in your space is very crucial, as the 1-inch difference can make the tub from being perfect to imperfect.

And that can be solved only by knowing how to measure radius of a curve.

Knowing the measuring tricks and tips can help you to get the perfect sized tub for your home.

how to measure radius of a curve

Hot tubs come in a curved corner shape to ensure the maximum comfort to the user.

The curved even corners sooth the back pains caused by tiring work and makes the body relax.

The hot water takes away the monotonous workload and calms our neurons to sit for a while and regenerate the energy in the body.

This way, the body produces the new hormones that energize us and makes us ready for the next day of work.

But to ensure the relaxation from the hot tub, you need to get the perfect measurements of the bathtub.

Otherwise, you will buy smaller or larger ones to install in your house. And to get the actual reading of the radius of the curved corner, you can follow a few methods.

The methods will help you to get the reading correct, and you can get the perfect hot bathtub for your house to relax in.

Check out the below section to know about the methods to get the perfect reading of the radius for the curved corners of your bathtub.

How to Measure the Radius of A Curve: 3 Methods to Calculate

Before starting to calculate the radius of a curve, you need to make sure that you gather around all the necessities.

And it would be better if you are good at geometry. It will make the process more understandable if you are good at that.

Or you can get the help of the person who is good at geometry to get the reding correct. That will ensure you to have the perfect reading of the curved corners.

Method 1: Newspaper reading

This is one simple method to calculate the radius of a corner. For this, you will need to have a few newspapers and an old cover of the existing tub.

First of all, you need to make the old tub cover even if it is crumbled. Then place a few newspapers on the floor.

Place the cover on top of the newspaper. Align the two corners of the cover on top of the edge of the newspaper.

You will see that there will be a vacant place in the newspapers where the cover is curved. That vacant place is the actual radius of the corners of the hot tub you need.

So now, get a measurement tape and measure the hot tub along with the radius to get the accurate reading to buy the new bathtub for you.

But for this method, make sure that you take the full cover measurement in the newspapers.

Otherwise, you will not get the accurate size, as you may miscalculate them. Use masking tapes to hold the newspapers in one place to determine the actual size.

Method 2: Imaginary line intersection

You can also use this method to calculate the radius of the curved corners of your hot tub.

For this method to work, you will be needing an old cover of the tub, a measurement scale, a ruler, a pencil, and paper.

First, smoothen the cover with your hands. Then place the paper on the floor. After you have placed the paper, you can put the cover on the place.

You can also use masking tapes to hold the paper in one place. This will make the work easy for you.

Next, get the ruler and place the imaginary straight line from the starting of the curved area. Do it for the both sides of one curved corner.

After you mark the place with the marker pen or pencil on the paper, you will see that the lines have intersected each other.

And the length from the intersect point to the starting is the radius of the curved corner.

Both lines will give you the same measurement.

If you see that you have different readings for both the lines, then you have to understand that the lines are not at the angle of 90 degrees on the paper.

You need to draw both the imaginary line in 90 degrees angle to get the perfect reading of the radius.

This way, your measurements will be accurate, and you can buy the perfect sized tub for your bathroom.

Method 3: Getting the help of the professionals

This is the most easy way to do the job. All you need is to get some tracing papers and a pencil to do your job.

Just place the tracing papers on the top of the tub you have and mark the traces on the paper.

Then take it to any professional to get the accurate radius reading for your hot tub to install. This will help you to replace your old hot tub with the new one.

Besides, you will not need any expertise to calculate the radius measurement to buy your new one. T

he professionals will give you an accurate size and will tell you what size and where to buy it from. This way, you can change the tub in no time.

Getting the accurate size for the hot tub needs special attention to save you money and time both. Because, in this mechanical time period of life, time is money.

So, you follow the proper instructions of measurements to buy your bathtub to keep your evenings relaxing.

And enjoy the hot baths in the hot tub. Lastly, knowing the measuring tricks can also help you to solve many of your household’s works to minimize your work stress and make your life easy to live and healthy as well.


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