How to Measure Patio Umbrella

We use a patio umbrella to keep our patio table and chairs cool from the heat of the sun.

Patio umbrellas provide shed, which is needed if you want to have a lovely time in your backyard.

You will need to buy the perfect size, and that is why it is crucial to know how to measure patio umbrella.

how to measure patio umbrella

Patio umbrellas also help to save your couch and table from unexpected rainfall.

If you have a beautiful cushion cover, you will want to protect it from the sunlight otherwise the color of the cushions will gradually fade away.

There are different sizes of patio umbrella available in the market. Based on the area you want to cover, you will need to buy a patio umbrella.

To help you out, we have included a step by step guide that will help you to measure the umbrella for your patio in the following section.

How to Measure Patio Umbrella

Step 1: Open the umbrella fully to measure it

You won’t be able to get accurate measurements if you measure while the umbrella is closed.

This step is for those who already own a patio umbrella and might need to change it.

However, always keep it fully opened and make sure it is fully extended if you want to get correct measurements.

Step 2: Measure the top of the umbrella with a tape measure

Now you will need to measure the top part of the umbrella.

Take a measuring tape and hold the tip of the measuring tape at the center point and go all the way to the edge.

In short, take the measurement of the arms of the umbrella. If you can’t do this on your own, get help from a friend who will hold the tip of the measuring tape.

Step 3: Multiply the number you got with two

As you got the radius of the umbrella, you will need to multiply the number with two so that you get the width of the umbrella.

An exciting face about patio umbrellas is that patio umbrellas are measured by diameter.

If you are planning to take the height of the umbrella and buy a patio umbrella based on the height measurement, you will be doing it wrong.

The umbrellas that you will find in the market will be sized based on their width.

Step 4: Take the measurement of the height of the patio umbrella

You will also need to measure the height of the stand. It will help you if you want to buy a patio table and chairs.

The measurement will help you to buy the table that aligns properly against the size of the patio umbrella.

You can measure a patio based on the guideline mentioned above. It is essential to know the correct measurement of the patio umbrella so that it gets fitted with your deck yard and patio table. You might want to cover a big area and save it from sunlight; then you will need a bigger umbrella. Based on your preference, buy a patio umbrella which seems suitable for you.

What Size Patio Umbrella Should I Get?

The size of the patio umbrella depends on the area you want to cover, and also it depends on your preference.

It also depends on how much budget you have for buying a patio umbrella as more giant patio umbrellas will cost you more.

You won’t want to buy a patio umbrella, which will make your yard fully covered. You will want sunlight to come to your yard to some extent.

Also, if you buy a shorter umbrella than required, space will get wet during rainfall. So, the decision depends on a lot of factors.

Generally, you should buy a patio umbrella which will cover at least 2 feet extra than the patio table.

We will provide some examples based on the size of the patio table.

For instance, you will need a 7 or 8 feet patio umbrella if your patio table is 30 to 35 inches.

Then, you will need a 10 or 11 feet patio umbrella if your table is 38 to 45 inches.

If your patio table is more significant than this, you will need the largest size of the patio umbrella available in the market.

What Is the Best Patio Umbrella for The Wind?

Patio umbrellas made with cement or granite are the best suitable for wind.

The stand of these umbrellas is made with heavy material, which will help the umbrella to stand tall even during heavy wind.

If you live in a windy area, you might want to get patio umbrellas that will not fall over due to heavy wind.

You can take a few preventive measures which will help you to save your patio umbrella from falling over. Try to keep your patio umbrella closed when you are not using it.

There are different kinds of patio umbrella available. If your patio umbrella has a separate cover, then use it to cover the patio umbrella.

The patio umbrella that comes with a cover is best suitable for wind.

If you are low in budget, we will suggest you use sandbags to give the patio umbrella some extra weight.

This additional weight will help the umbrella to stand steadily during heavy wind.

How Heavy Should a Patio Umbrella Stand Be?

Generally the weight of the stand of the umbrella should be at least 15 kg. Umbrellas sized around 2 meters should at least have a base of 15 kg.

If the size of your patio umbrella is more than 2 meters, then you will need a stand that weighs at least 18 to 23 kg.

For umbrellas with 3 meters, you will need a base of at least 30 kg. However, it is always a better idea to get stands that are heavy.

The heavier the position, the better it will serve as a base for the weight of the umbrella.

Patio umbrellas will add beauty to your house if you can get the right-sized umbrella that complements the space.

It is essential to measure the patio umbrella correctly so that you don’t end up with an oversized or a too-small umbrella.


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