How To Measure Door Hinges

Renovating your house requires to have many parts of the house reinstalled or renewed.

For this, you need to make sure that you point out the things accurately and take the perfect measurement of it to make the replacement easy.

Replacing the hinges of the doors are one of the common things that have to get replaced for the renovation process.

But how to measure door hinges can pop up in your mind in the time of taking measures of the item that needs to be replaced.

how to measure door hinges

As the hinges are very small and are stuck to the doors, you may get confused about how to take the measurements.

But getting the measurements of the hinges can be very easy. The hinges size depends on the size and weight of the door.

So, you can get the knowledge of the hinge size by examining the gate well.

But getting the accurate size can be taken only by measuring the present hinge of the door. For this, you need to follow a simple step.

Find out the process below to take the measurement of the door hinges.

How To Measure Door Hinges: Process Of Measuring Hinge Size

To get the measurements, you will be needing a Philips head screwdriver, a flat head screwdriver, a measurement tape, and a utility knife.

It is recommended to take a helping hand while following the measuring process.

Step 1: Remove The Middle Hinge Of The Door

The very first thing you need to do is to take the middle hinge of the door removed. To remove the hinge, you need a Philips head screwdriver.

The screwdriver will help you to remove the screws from the hinge.

If you find the hinge stuck to the door by the layer of color or paint on it, then you can use a utility knife.

Slightly stuck the utility knife in one corner of the door hinge and press the hinge to come off.

This will help you to remove the hinge easily from the door you have. Ask someone to hold up the door while you do the job.

Because sometimes it may occur to breakdown the gate if the other hinges are weak.

Step 2: Measure The Distance Of The Hinge Parts

After you have removed the hinge from the door, now you need to put the hinge on a flat surface.

It will help you to take the measurements of the hinge for your new buying. Measure the distance of the full hinge from one corner to another.

This is the width of the hinge. Note down the number to get it right. Or you can measure one part of the two and then double it up to get the size.

Use a measuring tape to take the reading.

Step 3: Measure The Height

There are different sized hinges in the market. So, it is better to get the height measurement of the hinge you have.

Lay the hinge one more time on the flat area and tape the height of the hinge.


Step 4: Measure Hinges Corner Radius

There are different shaped hinges in the market too. There are square one and even the rectangular ones.

Ther are also the round ones or the oval ones. So, get the reading of the cornering entirely.

Otherwise, you can not place the new one in the place of the old ones to restore your house.

So, get the corner placed right in the flat surface and measure the cornering with your measuring tape and note down the numbers you have come up with.

This will help you to determine the size of the hinge you will be needing to restore your house.

Hinges play an important role in the sense of holding up the heavy materials in place to make our house look and be perfect.

And this is why it is important to get the accurate reading of the hinge that is going to be needed to make the house restored or renovated.

But to get the best and perfect idea of the new hinge you need for your house, check out the below section and know more about them.

How To Measure Cabinet Door Hinges?

Measuring the cabinet door hinges are as the same as the door hinges.

But as the cabinet door hinges do not have multiple hinges attached to it, so, it is better to remove the cabinet door fully to get the hinge size.

For this, you need an extra hand that can hold up the cabinet door for you while you open up the hinge.

Then place it on the flat surface and get the measurements of the hinge easily.

After you have got the reading of the size, you can install the cabinet door to the place where it belongs.

How To Measure Door Hinge Locations?

Measuring the door hinge locations appropriately is very important. The hinges hold up the door for us.

It takes all the weight of the door and helps to move it according to our needs.

That is why we need to take the right measurements of the locations of the door hinge.

Usually, there are 3 hinges stuck to one door to contain the weight of it. The top and the bottom ones are placed 6 inches below of the height.

And the middle one is in the middle of the door. This holds up the weight according to the door frame and makes it safe for us to live.

What Are The Different Types Of Door Hinges?

There are many types of door hinges present in the market. Such as butt hinge, flush hinge, ball-bearing hinge, case hinge, hospital hinge, strap hinge, olive knuckle hinge, pivot hinge, heavy-duty hinge, and many others.

All these types come up with different benefits to help us solve our problems.

Whatever type of hinge you are using for, make sure that you take the best one and the strongest ones.

Otherwise, you may end up having unwanted accidents and harm yourself.


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