How to Measure a Bathtub

Measuring a bathtub might sound easy, but just a little mistake can ruin your entire bathroom look. So, how to measure a bathtub?

When you want to design a new bathroom or to replace an old bathtub getting the surrounding measurement just right is important.

To do this, you need a self lock power tape and to follow a few simple instructions.

how to measure a bathtub

How to Measure a Bathtub

Using a power tape, measure the edge of the tub from one end to another for height and width. To measure the height of the bathtub, take measurement from the floor to the top. If you don’t get a round figure, take a number that is close to the standard size, that is listed below.

Taking measurements

Many different designs of bath tubs can be found in the market.

But you can not start choosing one according to your preference until you know the correct measurement of your previous tub or the spot where it will fit.

Many bathtubs can be partially hidden under surrounds. A true bathtub measurement will come from the space it occupies and a little guesswork from your side.

Bathtubs can be of two types: stand-alone ones and enclosed ones.

Stand-alone bath tubs

These need no guesswork. You can measure the length and width straight up to find out what will fit in the area.

Enclosed bath tubs

These are the tubs that has a surround which is just a layer of holding materials to keep the tub in place. However, it needs a little guesswork.

To measure from one side to another, add at least an inch to your tub measurement from the surrounding wall.

One inch is a fair approximation and if you want to add more space to keep soap or shampoo that’s up to you.

Make sure to take note of each measurement, such as in a room project planner,  before you forget or get confused.

You can repeat the measuring process and match it with your previously made note to be very sure about the length and width.

Length, width, and height

While taking measurements, do not measure the area inside the tub. That is an incorrect way.

Measure the edge of your tub from one end to another in case of length and width.

In case of height measurement, measure it from your bathroom floor to the top of the bathtub. Do not measure the height from inside of your bathtub.

Standard measurements

Though measurement varies but still to decide on which size will fit best, you can compare your measurements with the already set standard sizes in the market. They are-

32-by-60 inches,

30-by-60 inches,

27-by-54 inches,

60-by-60 inches,

42-by-72 inches,

42-by-60 inches,

32-by-60 inches.

Maybe your measurement won’t exactly be a round figure, but if you get a number close enough to a standard size, then you can definitely go for purchasing that one.

Suitable size

Tall tubs are great for a deep water bath, and shorter ones are great for the everyday shower as you won’t have to climb a tub on a daily basis.

So, choosing a tub keeping all of your comforts in mind is essential.

To choose a tub where you can comfortably stretch your body, you need to measure the length of your sitting position and match it with your tub length.

Also, wide-angle tubs are available in the market to fit two persons inside, or you can go for a single tub for a small bathroom.

Easy steps to measure a bathtub

Variation in style

If you want to change your bathtub style, first you must know about the measurement of each style. Such as-

1. Three wall alcove style

It is a rectangular shaped tub placed between three walls. The average size of an alcove tub is 48-by-25 inches with 16 inches of water depth.

2. Deck mount or undermount style

For this type, a deck is created, and the bathtub is dropped into the surround which touches the bathroom floor and merely doesn’t hang from the rim.

The size of the deck depends on your choice. Wide decks do look beautiful, but a lot of bathrooms do not have that spaciousness.

A 5-foot bathtub measures 40-by-63 inches and a 6-foot bathtub measures 70-by-94 inches.

To decide on your deck size, you have to measure your room space plus the tub shape.

3. Freestanding style

Freestanding bathtubs can be set even in the middle of the room, away from walls.

The rising popularity of a freestanding tub has changed the traditional idea of a bathroom design.

Freestanding tubs can be made of acrylic, copper or cast iron. The smallest size measures 42-by-58 inches and the largest size can be of 70+ inches.

4. Japanese style

Japanese bathtubs are very deep. Sitting in one of these will give you the feel of sitting on a chair. This style gives bathers comfort in taking a bath.

It is also perfect for a small bathroom. These tubs are taller (28″-36″) than any other above mentioned tubs.

So, before choosing to have one, make sure you’ll be able to get the tub sideways through your home door.

The smallest size for this tub is 40-by-40 inches, which is good enough for one person only.

The largest size for this tub is 66-by-42 inches, which is good enough for more than one person to sit in.

5. Walk-in style

This style is designed for easy access. It has the convenience of chair height seat and also has safety features like the anti-slip floor and grab bars.

It requires a similar amount of space as a traditional bathtub. This style can be found in a swing in or swing out the doorway.

For a two-seater, it measures from 60-by-30 inches to 80-by-36 inches. It is most convenient for elderly people who have joint pains.

They can easily get into and out from the tub.

A bathtub is an essential part of completing the beauty, look, and feel of your bathroom. Your bathtub model depends on your taste and budget.

But most importantly, it depends on your bathroom space. So, having just the correct measurement is a must.

Standard measurements will give you a rough idea for the size of your bathtub which you can match with your bathroom measurements.

Before choosing your bathtub just for its look, you need to ask some questions to yourself first- how much weight can your floor support?

Which size of tub can your water heater handle? Ease of access to those will be using the tub in your household and how often?

Having the answers to these questions will help you to decide the correct measurement of the tub that is right for you.


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