How to Match Ceiling Paint with Existing One- Follow 6 Easy Steps

Your beautiful ceiling can be exposed to damage as a result of cracking, staining, water leakage, etc.

You might need to repaint the roof so that it doesn’t look shabby. But it is a tough job to find the exact same color to paint only certain areas.

How to match ceiling paint? We will provide you a step by step guide in the following section. It will help you to match the new paint color with the original one.

how to match ceiling paint

Matching the exact ceiling color is more critical when you will work for a particular section.

If one part of your ceiling became shabby, there is no point of repainting the whole ceiling. It requires extra energy, money as well as money.

Paint manufacturers usually make different shades of color. But you might not find the exact color. Below, we have given the solution to your problem.

How to Match Ceiling Paint – Follow 6 Steps

Step 1: Examine the ceiling

Before buying the color, you will need to examine your roof first. Painters use different types of finishes for painting.

They can be flat finish, glossy finish or eggshell finish. The painting with glossy finish looks shinier. Eggshell stays in the midpoint of two.

People usually use a flat finish for their ceilings. So, when you will go to buy the paint, make sure the finish matches with your existing one.

Step 2: Collect a few paint sample cards

For this step, you will need to go to a paint supply store. There are different bundles of cards from each color palette.

Choose the one that matches with your ceiling. Most of the roofs are white. So, bring the color bundle which includes various shades of white color.

Step 3: Find the desired color by holding it against the ceiling

Now, it is time to find the right tone from the sample cards. For this, you will need a ladder.

Turn on the lights and make sure that the room is getting enough brightness. Climb up the ladder and hold the colors from the sample cards one by one.

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At first, go through the regular colors and then move to the custom ones.

You are most likely to find the right tone from the regular ones as people usually don’t use customized colors for their ceilings.

Step 4: Mark the possible colors that match with the ceiling

You might find more than one color that seems closest to the ceiling. Mark those so that you can compare later.

If you become confused, start from the beginning or get a suggestion from another person. The advice will help you to be confident and go with the right color.

Step 5: Examine the possible colors by painting little sections on the ceiling

Bring a few samples from the paint store. Bring the colors which you marked earlier. Also, bring a few paintbrushes.

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For example, if you have chosen 3 colors, bring 3 samples and 3 paint brushed. Paint a small section from each of the samples.

You should use different paintbrushes so that you don’t mix the colors and alter them into new ones.

Step 6: Find the right color

After you are done painting the small parts of the ceiling with the paintbrushes, it is time to find the right color.

Come down from the ladder and see which color blended the most with the existing color of the paint.

Take a suggestion from your friend or a family member to come with the right decision. Then, paint the parts that need repainting with the correct color.

Following this process, you can match paint for a ceiling touch up. In case of not finding the right color, the best solution is to paint the whole ceiling.

Because the roof will look horrible with an intensity that has not appropriately blended with the original color, in the following section, we will provide you more information related to matching ceiling paint.

How to Touch Up Ceiling Paint

If you haven’t painted your ceiling for a long time, you might need to do a touch-up.

But touching up new paint on an old roof is more challenging than painting the whole ceiling. Because it leaves a more unsightly finish.

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To solve this problem, our suggestion will be to use the original paint. By using the original color, you will get the perfect finishing.

Again, there are different types of finishes available. If you apply a glossy painting, it will give you a shiny section that will glow in the flat ceiling.

You don’t want that to happen. So, use a flat finish to blend the panting thoroughly.

What Color Should I Paint My Ceiling?

The color that you should use to paint your ceiling depends on the size of the room.

If you have a small room and you want to apply the same color for both the walls and the roof, it is better to go for light colors.

Because bright colors will make your room look a bit bigger than it is. The ceiling and walls of bathrooms are usually painted with the same color.

On the other hand, if you have a big room, you can go for either light or dark colors.

Painting the ceiling and the wall with the same dark color will make the interior and the furniture to focus more.

Another suggestion is to paint your roof with a lighter color than the walls. The lighter color will help the room to look higher in length.

Should I Paint My Ceiling White?

Most of the people prefer to use white as their ceiling color.

White paint is preferred so that your room looks bigger, and smoke doesn’t darken the ceiling, or cooking oils cannot put any stain on a specific area.

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White color looks the best if your room is filled with a lot of things and different colored furniture.

Also, if your room doesn’t have a lot of windows or don’t get the natural light from outside, it is better to paint your ceiling with white color.

These are the tips regarding painting ceiling and matching the correct color. If you know the right technique, the procedure will seem easier to you.


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