How to Make Water Slime – 2 Different Methods to Try

Slimes can be a great source of entertainment for you and your child. Making the slimes can be even more exciting.

And when it comes to making water slime with clear see-through vision, it has no bound for your child to make it on their own.

So knowing how to make water slime can help you to enjoy some beautiful moments with your child. Check the section below to know the processes right.

how to make water slime

How to Make Water Slime

Water Slime with Borax And Clear Glue

Making the water slime out of the borax and clear glue is very easy.

To start with the process, you need to mix half a cup of water with a half cup of clear glue. Mix the parts in a bowl to make sure that the mixture is done perfectly.

Next, you need to mix ¼ teaspoon of borax powder with half a cup of water. Mix them together properly to make sure that you can make the slime properly.

After that, pour the borax solution to the glue mixture and stir continuously. Mix them well until they come together.

Then get the slime mixture out of the bowl and knead it with your hand to finish the making. Lastly, store it in an airtight box while you are not using it.

Water Slime with Saline Solution And Clear Glue

Making water slime with saline solution is similar to the making of the borax one. Start with mixing half a cup of clear glue with one-fourth cup of water.

Mix them well until they come together.

Next, you need to add half tablespoon of saline solution to the mixture you have made earlier. Mix them well to make the slime out of it.

You can add colors of your choice to make it colorful for your kids to play.

Make sure that you knead the slime properly to get to the right consistency. Otherwise, you will have to fall apart slime and your kids will not love to play with it.

These are two simple methods to make the water slimes with simple ingredients present at home. So try it yourself to have fun with your kids.


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