How to Make Tassels – 3 Different Types of Methods

Tassels can make any dress or accessories look gorgeous. But it is not always possible to get the right color tassel you want at that moment.

And that is why knowing how to make tassels can help you solve your problem. Making the tassels is not that difficult.

Check out the below section to know how to make a few tassels in a very short time.

how to make tassels

How to Make Tassels

Making Simple Tassels

Making the simple one-color tassels are very easy. All you need is to know the size and get a cardboard cut of that size.

Next, you need to get your favorite color yarn and wrap around the cardboard for around 20 to 30 times.

This will depend on how much thick tassel you want. Then get a needle and thread at your hand and sew to lock the top of the yarns.

Then cut off the bottom sides of the yarn to release it from the cardboard.

Again get a needle and thread to wrap ten-time below the first sew to complete the tassel. Finish it with cutting the edges smooth.

Making Embroidery Thread Tassel

The embroidery thread tassels bear a different look. For this, you will need two different colors of threads.

You need to wrap one color thread with the other one from the middle of the thread.

Make sure that you make the thread multi layer ones before wrapping it from the center. Wrap it tight and lock inside the thread.

Then get another Thread to join the middle portion of the other color and lock inside. Then cut off the bottom side to make a smooth finish of the tassel.

Making Leather Tassels

Making the leather tassels are super easy. Just get a piece of leather of your choice and glue to stick.

Cut the leather to the right size and create strips in the bottom section to give it a tassel cut.

Then add glue to the top of the uncut area and roll over to finish the tassel. You can add a thin leather strip in the middle for the hanging purpose.

These are some easy methods to make tassels. So try this for your desired materials to look fabulous all the time.


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