How to Make Suction Cups Stick Again

Suction cups are used to hold objects on smooth plain surfaces. It is one of the easy substitutes of glues, magnets, or any other holding objects.

Suction cups can easily stick on a slippery surface where glue or magnets fail. Unlike glues, suction cups can hold up even after removing it from the surface.

But the effectiveness dies over time. There are some tricks that may increase the lifetime of a used suction cup. Wanna know how to make suction cups stick again?

how to make suction cups stick again

The suction cups can be placed with a little trick to be used for multiple times.

But no one pays heed to that tricks to use the suction cups to hold up the objects.

The process to make the suction cup to hold up objects again needs some strict maintenance of steps.

The steps may sound very easy, and you can think that it does not need the step to work, then you might be wrong.

Because ignoring one of them can end up having an unsuccessful attempt. So, follow the below steps correctly to attain the goal.

How to Make Suction Cups Stick Again: Few Steps to Follow

You need to make sure that you follow the steps properly to make multiple uses of your suction cups.

Step 1: Remove the Suction Cup

Remove the unused suction cup you want to use for the second time. Make sure that you do not pull forcefully of the suction cup.

That will damage the cup. So, be gentle while getting it out of the glass or any object you have.

Step 2: Clean the Suction Cup

Next, you need to clean the suction cup you have gathered. It is better to clean it with a mild soap or slightly warm water.

This will help you to remove all the debris and dust. Keep in mind that you do not scrape out the suction cups. That will take away its ability to get a hold onto something.

Step 3: Choose the Perfect Surface

Now make sure that you choose the right surface to stick your suction cup. Curved places can not hold up the suction cup in one place, and it falls.

So, choose a clean and smooth surface to stick it to. The air pockets removed in the suction cup can make them tight enough to hold up the object that you want.

Step 4: Clean the Surface

You need to clean the surface that you want your suction cup to have a grip.

Wipe off the place with a damp cloth, or you can also clean the place with soapy water. It should be cleaned thoroughly to get the suction cup stuck onto it.

Make sure to dry up the place properly before sticking the suction cup to it.

If there is any water left, then the suction cup will not have a good grip on the surface and will fall off soon.

Step 5: Add a Drop of Water

Boiling your suction cup in the warm water will make your suction cup soft, and that can hold up to something very strongly.

So, it is advised to boil the suction cup before using it again to hold up something. You can add a drop of water in the sticking of the suction cup.

The water droplet will remove the air pockets from the sticking and make the bond more strong.

Step 6: Add a Small Amount of Oil

Adding a minimal amount of oil or petroleum jelly to the lips of the suction cup increases the hold.

But overdoing it will make the suction cup lose its suction ability.

So, make sure that you use a tiny amount of the oil to the cup to increase the suction ability to hold up onto an object.

Step 7: Remove Air Pockets By Pressing

Lastly, you need to press the suction cup accordingly to make sure that there are no air pockets left in the middle of the suction cup and the surface.

The air pockets removal will make the suction cup bond strong to the surface and will maintain the strong bond until you pull that off again.

The reuse of the suction cup can help you to save money and the objects from getting ruined by the falling.

So, make sure that you follow the steps accordingly. Otherwise, you will not be able to make the cup hold strong up to the mark.

But to ensure the fullest use of the suction cups, you need to know more about them. Follow the below parts to find out more about suction cups.

How Do You Get Suction Cups to Stick in the Shower?

Sticking the suction cup in the shower can be the hardest job of all. But it is not impossible. You can easily stick a suction cup in the shower.

All you need to do is that you have to boil the suction cup. The boiling will make it soft and more pliable.

And after you boil that, stick it to your shower area and enjoy its stronghold. Just make sure that you remove all the air pockets from it.

How to Make Suction Cups Stick to Cold Glass?

Sticking the suction cup will take a small amount of oil on a clod glass.

Sticking the suction cup after boiling will make it smooth, but as soon as the water in it dries, it will fall off.

So, you can use a small amount of oil to the lips of the suction cup and adjust it to the cold glass. This will help you to stick it wherever you want it to.

Why Do Suction Cups Stop Working?

The air leakage in the suction cup makes it stop working. As the rubber gets shrink due to the cold weather, the cup falls off.

That is why you can not blindly trust the suction cup to hold up things for you.

The suction cup may not be perfect, but you can make it useful in a way that can give you the perfect result.

So, make sure that you know well about it to use it well.


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