How to Make Scented Candles – 5 Simple Steps to Follow

Candles are something that can lift your mood and also soothe your soul. And having the scented candles around you can also refresh your mind.

But buying them will not always allow you to have your favorite fragrance all the time. Instead, you can make one for yourself.

The process of how to make scented candles can help you to make one by yourself at home. Check the section below to know the process.

how to make scented candles

How to Make Scented Candles

Melt Paraffin

The very first thing you need to do is to get the paraffin from the market. Get those from the market and melt them in a bowl.

Melting the wax using the double boiler is a wise decision. Otherwise, direct heat may burn the wax. Melting the wax will only require 5 to 10 minutes.

So keep stirring using a spatula.

Attach The Wick to The Container

Next, you need to attach the wick to the bottom of the container, which you will use to set the candle.

This way, you can easily make the wick stand in between the melted wax.

Add Fragrance Oil to The Melted Wax

Add your favorite fragrance oil to the melted wax you have made earlier. Stir them well to combine properly.

Do not remove the melted candle from the double boiler while mixing the fragrance oil. Otherwise, it will start to dry up.

Pour The Melted Wax to The Container

Now it is time to cool down the melted wax and pour it in the container you have made earlier.

Do not pour too hot wax, as it may cause the container to get damaged. Pour to a specific limit to make the candle look good.

Over spilling will make it look messy.

Secure The Wick And Let Dry

Attach the extra wick using a pencil to secure. Then let it sit overnight to dry off properly. Trim the wick according to the required length.

And your scented candle is ready for enjoying.

Follow the instructions above to make yourself a scented candle, which you can use to purify your home air or gift it to your loved ones.


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