How to Make Oobleck Without Cornstarch – 2 DIY Methods

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Parents often have a hard time making slime with their kids. While slime recipes using glue are still popular, many children become frustrated with being unable to make it a solid. If you are looking for a fun alternative, check how to make Oobleck without cornstarch.

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Oobleck has exploded in popularity thanks to its ability to be as hard as a rock and then liquid in a different moment. While people usually make it using cornstarch, it’s not needed at all.

How to Make Oobleck Without Cornstarch

What Is Oobleck?

The interesting thing about Oobleck is that it’s a non-Newtonian fluid that acts as a solid mass when you hit it and as a liquid substance when a force is applied slowly. That’s because this unusual fluid changes viscosity under stress. In fact, it’s a unique mixture of a solid and a liquid that you can manipulate by hand.

Oobleck will act as a liquid when running the fingers slowly through it, especially if you add a little more water. However, if you apply rapid force and use more cornstarch, it will solidify, bend, and tear.

Another feature that makes Oobleck special is its ability to hold its shape. This adaptable substance can take the shape of your hands, an object, or whatever is holding it.

Maybe you are already familiar with this. But did you know that cornstarch is not necessary to make this fun suspension? Read on to learn how to make Oobleck without using cornstarch.

How to Make Oobleck Without Cornstarch

Method 1: How to Make Oobleck with Tapioca or Arrowroot Powder


Step 1: Pour Your Powder into a Bowl

Tapioca and arrowroot powders are often used in cooking. These direct substitutions are used the same way you’d make cornstarch-based Oobleck without modifications.

Pour 190-250 grams (about two cups) of your powder into a deep dish. Make sure the bowl is large enough. Alternatively, you can use potato starch or baby powder containing cornstarch.

Step 2: Add Room-Temperature Water

Add about 240 ml (one cup) of water. If the amount of water is not proper for your Oobleck, you’ll be able to make adjustments as needed.

According to the original Oobleck recipe, there should be one part water and two parts cornstarch. Unless you want it to be white, add a few drops of food coloring as well.

Step 3: Stir the Oobleck

Mix it with your hands. If you don’t want to get them messy, use a tool like a mixing spoon or rubber spatula.

Either way, the Oobleck should be mixed properly – it takes up to 5 minutes – to cause the ingredients to combine.

Step 4: Use More Water or Powder if Needed

This is a matter of personal preference. When left alone, the Oobleck is supposed to flow like water. Add more water if it’s too hard. Use more powder if it’s too watery.

Step 5: Store and Discard Your Oobleck Properly

When you or your children are not playing with the Oobleck, keep it in a zippered pouch, jar, or sealed container. They will all serve the purpose just fine.

If you do not need the Oobleck anymore, discard it into the trash so that it’s placed in a plastic bag beforehand. Use the zippered one, just in case.

By zipping the bag shut before tossing it into the trash, you will prevent the Oobleck from getting rehydrated in case it finds its way into the drain.

Method 1: How to Make Oobleck Without Cornstarch Using Corn Flour

Many people mistake corn flour for cornstarch. The latter is granular like cornmeal, while the former is more powdery.


Step 1: Place Corn flour into a Bowl

In addition, the Oobleck recipes are different in terms of amounts and water temperature. If you want to make it using corn flour, put 450 g (16 ounces) of it into a bowl that’s big enough to hold 475 ml of water too. Measure out corn flour with a kitchen scale.

Step 2: Add Some Food Coloring (Optional)

While using food coloring is not necessary, your Oobleck is going to look more impressive. The more you add, the darker the Oobleck will be.

You are advised to start with two or three drops only. Add more if it is not as dark as you want. Stir it into 475 ml (16 oz) of hot water.

Step 3: Pour Hot Water

Before pouring the water, make sure it’s hot, unlike the recipe with cornstarch. The amount of water used for Oobleck is another big difference.

With corn flour, the same amount (16 ounces in our recipe) of water should be used. What if you want to make Oobleck with cornstarch? Then ensure that the cornstarch to water ratio is 2:1.

Step 4: Mix the Corn flour and Water

Whether you do it with a mixing spoon or your hands, the ingredients need to come together eventually. It takes a few minutes. Your Oobleck should feel like honey.

TIP: Wear plastic gloves if you use your hands to keep them clean. The gloves will prevent food coloring from staining your skin.

Step 5: Add More Corn flour or Water if Needed

How thin or thick should the Oobleck be? Well, it will depend on your preference.
Add more water to make it thinner. To make the Oobleck thicker, use more corn flour.
After each addition – whether it is the water or corn flour – stir your Oobleck well for the best results.

Step 6: Use a Sealed Container to Store Your Oobleck

Once you or your kid is done playing with the Oobleck, keep it in a plastic, sealed container. The jar would also work fine.

Your Oobleck may take a few days to get dry. In that case, you should bring the Oobleck back by adding some hot or warm water to play with it again.

TIP: If you don’t need the Oobleck anymore, throw it away in a safe manner. Do not toss it into the toilet or sink to avoid clogging your drain. It is recommended to put the Oobleck into a plastic bag with a zipper that will be thrown into the trash.

FAQs About How to Make Oobleck without Cornstarch

Is It Possible to Make Oobleck with Flour?

No, Oobleck can’t be made with wheat flour. Instead, you will make a paste (homemade glue) by combining standard flour with water. While corn flour is the usual ingredient of Oobleck, besides water, it can also be made using tapioca powder or arrowroot powder.

How Do You Make Oobleck with Baking Soda?

Take half a cup of water (roughly 120 ml) in a bowl and add four tablespoons of baking powder. If you can’t buy baking powder, mix 2 parts of potassium bitartrate (cream of tartar) with 1 part of baking soda to make it yourself.

After stirring this mixture for 30-40 seconds, add 4 more tbsp. of baking soda and stir for 80-120 seconds till you get a thick texture. Please note that baking powder does not really work. Still, you can use baking soda to make slime.

How to Create Oobleck with Baby Powder?

To make an excellent non-Newtonian Fluid, mix one cup of water with two cups of baby powder. You’ll want to use the baby powder that lists cornstarch as its main ingredient, as opposed to talc. Stir it up until you get a proper texture. The appearance and properties of this blend are almost identical to regular Oobleck made of cornstarch.


That was how to make Oobleck without cornstarch. While it’s an easy and fun project that you can do with your kids at home, you should know how to get it right.

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