How to Make No Glue Slime – Try These 2 Methods

Slimes are a fantastic element to play with or even excellent for cleaning the small areas of your house.

Most of the store-bought slimes are made out of glue. But glues smell and ingredients in it may be harmful to you or even for your kids.

So how to make no glue slime recipes can solve your problem at any time. Check out the section below to know the exciting recipes.

how to make no glue slime

How to Make No Glue Slime

Corn Starch And Conditioner Slime

You can easily make a dough like slime out of the mixture of corn starch and hair conditioner.

To make the slime, you need to get a bowl and equal parts of corn starch and hair conditioner.

Start to mix them together until they form a dough-like texture. You can use a spatula or even your hands to mix the ingredients together.

When you have blended the ingredients together to the right consistency, now you can add gel food coloring or any powder pigment to make it colorful.

Your kids will love to play with the slime.

Peel Off Mask Liquid, Baking Soda And Contact Cleaner Slime

This is a fun slime to make. At the very first, you need to get the peel-off mask liquid which includes having polyvinyl alcohol in it.

You need to get some of the peel-off masks in a bowl and then you can add any glitter or color to the liquid.

This is off your choice to add or you can keep it plain. But make sure that you add gel coloring to the slime.

Otherwise, it will get thin and slime will not be produced out of it.

After you have made the mask liquid ready, now you need to add half a teaspoon of baking soda to it.

Mix them well and then add a small portion of contact cleaner to the mix at a time.

Continue to add the contact cleaner and mix well until all the ingredients come together in the shape of a slime.

These are two simple methods to make slime without using any glue. So, they are safe to play with or even work with.

Besides, you can save a lot of money by making this at home.


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