How to Make Memory Foam Expand Faster

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Memory foam can be so comfortable. The memory foam molds around your body when you sleep on it and helps you relax better.

Memory foam is widely used all around the world for its benefits and comfort. The mattress often comes in thicknesses from under 7 inches to over 15 inches.

Read on to find out how you could make memory foam expand faster.

Most memory foam mattresses arrive while not looking like a proper mattress. Because the manufacturers produce it that way. The mattress was compressed, machine-rolled, and folded for easy transport to you.

The foam mattress is then easier to get inside a box and delivered. When you buy the mattress, it comes compressed and packed inside a box. It’s good to know the compressing process doesn’t harm the foam.

The recommended times for the rolled mattress expansion differ between brands and sizes. On average, it takes about 24-72 hours.

For most mattresses like this one by Zinus, you can sleep on it right after unpacking.

How to Make Memory Foam Expand Faster

Memory foam will between 24 to 72 hours to expand to its full height and softness. In the meantime, it’s safe for you to sleep on it.

You can make the process a little faster with simple tips.
For memory foam expansion step by step process, read on:

Step 1: Unpack the mattress

First, you need to remove the packaging of the mattress.

It’s recommended that you take your mattress out immediately. Why wait for amazing sleep? Try not to wait longer than a week from its delivery date.

Then, find an open space where the mattress will be able to expand and rest.

Carefully cut the plastic packaging so as to avoid damaging the mattress. You can use blunt tip scissors.

The packaging instructions will tell you where you can cut.

There can be a bit of a kick when you remove the plastic, so keep pets and children out of the way during unwrapping.

how to make memory foam expand faster

Step 2: Set the room temperature

Memory foam reacts to heat. It expands faster when the room is warmer.

So, setting the room temperature high will make the expansion process faster. If the mattress arrived in cold weather, try to keep it in a warmer room.

Step 3: Walk and jump on it

You can walk and jump on your foam mattress to help it decompress faster! Let the kids have some fun with it or relive your childhood desires.

Fun times aside, the memory foam cells and layers have been compressed, so the action increases airflow. That helps it fluff up faster.

That’s also why it’s safe to sleep on it. Just know that it’s not at its peak fluffiness or full height, so it could be a bit hard.

Also, you’ll want to keep the room well-ventilated with a brand new mattress. The same reason with brand new large furniture, to let the products off-gas their newness.

So open your window, and I’d recommend a good fan or air circulator if you don’t already have one.

Does Heat Help Memory Foam Expand?

Memory foam comes in compressed packaging. You have to wait 24-72 hours for it to fluff to its full height. The mattress will take a few hours to adjust to room temperature. And heat helps to make the process faster.

Memory foams tend to expand and become soft in a warmer room. If you raise the temperature of the room, the mattress will be softer and cozier.

Do You Really Have to Wait 48 Hours for Memory Foam?

While the expansion times for your memory foam mattress differ between brands and sizes, it’s safe to sleep on them on the first night. On average, it takes about 24-72 hours to fluff to its full height.

New versions of memory foam mattresses will allow you to sleep, walk, and jump on them after a complete unpacking. And that actually helps with decompression.

Why Is My Memory Foam Mattress So Hard?

Memory foam mattresses are comfortable and cozy. Sometimes it may feel a little firm or hard. That’s completely normal.

That means your foam mattress reacts with the temperature. If the temperature is low in the room, the mattress will feel hard and firm.

The cold temperature makes the foam fibers stiff. Simply increasing the room temperature will cause the foam mattress to get more soft and flexible.


Memory foam mattresses are comfortable and cozy. These mattresses help to keep the body position in good alignment while sleeping.

This gives you a good night’s sleep and better health. There is nothing to worry about if the foam mattress has not fully decompressed in 72 hours. This process sometimes takes up to a week!

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