How to Make Kinetic Sand – 4 Step by Step Method

Kinetic sand is more likely to be the favorite of today’s kids. They love to play with them and also can make shapes out of it. But the store-bought kinetic sands can be a bit pricy. So knowing how to make kinetic sand can help you to save a lot of money and also make your children happy. Check the section below to find the easy method out.

how to make kinetic sand

How to Make Kinetic Sand

Gather All The Required Ingredients

Making the kinetic sand does not require to have a lot of ingredients. Instead, you will only need one cup of play sand, half tablespoon of corn starch, one tablespoon of dishwashing soap and one cup of water. That’s all. Gather all of them to start with the making process.

Combine Play Sand And Corn Starch

After you have gathered all the ingredients near your hand, now you need to combine the play sand and the corn starch in a large bowl or a bin. Make sure that you mix them well. Otherwise, you can not have perfect kinetic sand made out of it. You can use your hands to do the mixing or can use any spoon to do your job. But the best way is to use your hand. This way, you can mix them at the best level.

Combine Dishwashing Soap And Water

Next, you need to get the liquid elements together in a bowl and mix well. Make sure that you combine the water and dishwashing soap until the soap becomes bubbly. This is the perfect mixture of the liquid agents to make the kinetic sand perfect.

Combine The Dry Mixture And Liquid Mixture Together

Once you are done with mixing both the elements dry and wet, know you are ready to mix them together. Pour in the liquid mixture slowly to the dry mix to get to the right consistency. Use your hand to make the mixture out of the two mixtures you have made. Blend them well until they reach your desired consistency.

Once you are done with mixing them together, now you can give them to your kids to play and save the money for buying it from the stores.


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