How to Make Graduation Leis – 6 Step by Step Guide

The graduation day is one of the most memorable days of a student’s life. All the students wait for this day to come.

And to celebrate that happiness, graduation lei has been in fashion since the very beginning. Buying them can be very costly.

So making them can solve the issue.

That is why check the below section to know how to make graduation leis with just a few simple elements to celebrate the success of your beloved one.

how to make graduation leis

How to Make Graduation Leis

Gather Supplies

At the very beginning, you need to determine what kind of graduation leis you want to make. Here we will talk about the process of making dollar graduation leis.

For that, you will need fan-folded dollar, colorful fan-folded paper, tape, and a 4-foot ribbon. Gather these around to start with the making.

Fold Dollars into Fan Structure

The very first thing you need to do is to fold the dollars into fans. Be careful while doing so. Because you can damage the dollars while making.

So, determine how many plates will be there beforehand to avoid the damage. Make around 40 pieces of the fans to complete the lei.

Fold Colorful Papers into Fan Structure

Next, you need to make the same patterned fan out of the colorful paper.

Do the same to make the paper fans. Make 40 more of these to fulfill your lei length properly.

Tape The Edges of Two Fans

Now get two fans of each pattern to tape them together. Do not use the tape with hard glue as you are dealing with money.

Complete making the rings out of the dollar fans and the paper fans.

Cut Ribbon And Fill in Rings

Next, you need to cut a ribbon of 4 feet long and then slide in the rings you have made in the previous step. Continue to fill all the rings into the ribbon.

Tie Up to Complete

Lastly, tie up the edges of the ribbon to complete the lei.

And your graduation lei is ready for gifting. You can change the elements of the lei to make it more interesting. Hope it was helpful.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us. Also, here are some tips to decorate your graduation cap without ruining it.


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