How to Make Eyes Look Bigger – Know These 4 Methods

Every woman desires to make their eyes look bigger than they actually have.

But many of the women practice the wrong process to make their eyes look bigger.

Here we will be discussing how to make eyes look bigger than the natural ones with a few simple makeup hacks.

Check out the section below to know about those.

how to make eyes look bigger

How to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Highlighter Method

The easiest method is to work with the highlighter. Highlighter on the inner corner of the eyes and brow bone can make your eyes look bigger than ever.

And adding a small amount to the center of the lid can help you to make your eyes look a lot bigger.

So add the right amount of highlighter to your eyes to make them look bigger.

Beige Or Nude Eyeliner to The Lower Waterline Method

Adding the beige, nude or the white eyeliners to your lower waterline can also make your eyes look a lot more bigger than ever.

The nude eyeliner makes the eyes look bigger while the white eyeliners create a dramatic difference to the eyes.

And lastly, the beige eyeliners make it natural while making the eyes look bigger. So, choose according to your attire you are going to pull off that time.

Light Concealer Method

Concealers can make the darker areas of your face look brighter and emphasize on any particular part of your face.

So, adding the lighter concealers to the inner and outer corners of your eyes can make the emphasis on your eyes to look big and bright.

It can also make the darker portion of your eyes to look radiant and give you a fresh finish.

Lifting Eyelash Method

Eyelashes can make a totally different look to your eyes. Choosing the right type of false lashes can help you to make your eyes look bigger.

Chose your eye type false lash and add a layer of mascara to lift the lashes up.

This will create a whole different look for your eyes to look bigger than ever.

These methods are super easy and take only a few moments.

So, choose what process you are going to use to make your eyes look bigger according to your comfort.

Also, fill your eyebrows properly to complement your eye makeup.


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