How to Make Couch Cushions Firm Again – 3 Easy Steps

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Life is good when you’re relaxing on the couch. That’s more true when the couch cushions are firm.

If the couch cushions are looking like they could use a tune-up lately, it’s time you put an end to its foray into slouchiness.

You won’t have to get new furniture when your couch’s style is beautiful and you wish the cushions had more support.

Read on to find out how to make couch cushions firm again.

Couch cushions lose their firmness with time. Usage of the cushion makes the foam worn out.

To solve your problem, you’ll want to give the cushions new cushy foam.

Replacing the foam is easy to DIY. Let’s find out how.

How to Make Couch Cushions Firm Again

To make the cushions firm again, measure the cushion and get new upholstery foam. Carefully cut the threads from one end of the cushion and replace the foam.
Then, you can reseal the cushion with a needle and thread. You can also use peel and stick fabric tape to close the seams without the need to do any sewing.

how to make couch cushions firm again

Step 1: Take Measurements of the Cushion

First, take the measurements of the cushion you have and count how many of them you want to repair.

Step 2: Buy Foam and Batting

The easiest way to prepare the foam is by buying precut cushion squares.

This will work best for regular size couches and you can skip to Step 5.

If you want to customize the foam or your couch requires custom sizes, read on for the instructions.

You need to get upholstery foam

and batting material.

Get the right size foam to reduce the amount of cutting you need to do.

Also, get the compression of foam you’ll need. Most recliner sofas will work with a density of at least 36lb compression.

Step 3: Cut the Foam and Batting According to the Size

Now you need to cut the new foam according to the measurements you had for stuffing the cushions.

Optionally, you can use an electric cutting knife and a workbench to do this part.

If you like a firm couch, you can add a layer of cardboard in between the cushion.

Continue to cut for all the sides of the cushions.

Step 4: Sew the Batting

Lastly, you need to sew the edges of the batting sheets together to create the shape of the foam cushion.

Sew the edges on the 3 sides first. Then place the foam inside the batting fabric.

After you have placed the foam inside the batting fabric, you will sew the final edge together.

Instead of sewing, you can also use peel and stick sewing tape.

This will make sure that you have the right size foam cushion inserts ready to be used.

Trim any extra fabric from the sides of the batting to get clean looking edges.

Step 5: Put the new foam in the cushion

Now you can put on the cushion covers to make the couch cushions look perfect and new.

Once you’re done placing the covers on, sew the edges closed or use peel and stick fabric fusing tape.

how to make couch cushions firm again
This simple process can help you replace the old foam in the couch cushion to make the couch comfortable for you again.

Compared to the costs of professional reupholstery, it is a bargain. And that’s especially true when it can be done by yourself at home with a few hours and the right materials.

How to Fix Couch Cushions that are Attached and Make Them Firm?

Fixing couch cushions that are attached can be a difficult job.

First, you’ll need to put the couch on its side or upside down.

Then remove the staples using an upholstery puller and then remove the coverings.

Then you need to replace the foam in the couch with upholstery foam. Use a minimum of 36lb compression.

Then, reassemble the cover and staple it with an upholstery staple gun.

This way, you can make couch cushions that are attached to the couch firm again.

What is the Best Foam to Use for Sofa Cushions?

The best foam to use for sofa cushions is polyurethane upholstery foam.

These are easy to get and are affordable. They also last a long time, from 7 to 10 years.

They give the most comfort and come in different densities for how soft or firm you want your cushions. For medium density, it is 1.8 to 3.6 lbs.

When you buy it in the packaging, it is often vacuum packed. Give it up to 72 hours for it to regain its shape.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Sofa Cushions

The replacement cost of the sofa cushions
Another way to gain the firmness of new sofa cushions is to replace them!

If you’ve got a standard size sofa, this isn’t hard to find.

You can get cushion covers in your favorite color.

And then get square upholstery foam for the cushion.

Measure your sofa to make sure it will fit.

How Much does it Cost to Replace The Sofa?

Replacing couches varies from futon couches from 150 dollars, and a two-seater or three-seater sofa from 500 dollars to upwards of 1200 dollars. Corner sofas and larger ones cost upwards of 3000 dollars.

The pricing varies from place to place.


Repairing or replacing couch cushions can become a priority because comfortable cushions help you relax and enjoy your day.

With this how-to to make your couch cushions firm, you will be rid of “mushy” cushions. Be ready to say “hello” to a supportive couch again.

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