How to Make Concrete Smooth and Shiny

A shiny concrete surface can attract everyone around it. The smoothness and shine of the concrete bear the reflection of your personality traits.

But along with time and heavy use over the concrete surface, the shine tends to lose.

That is why it makes people think about how to make concrete smooth and shiny once again to dazzle the eyes of the viewers.

how to make concrete smooth and shiny

The concrete coating on the floor or the countertop or anywhere else you can think off should keep the shine on it.

The shine and the smoothness make the concrete look like classy and new.

But the scrapped or scratched surface of the concrete make the floor look dull and non-attractive.

That is why it should be cared for often to keep the smoothness and shine be presented there.

This way, you can easily make sure that your concrete does not look age-old or even boring to the guests you have at your home.

There is some small instructions to be followed to make the concrete smooth and shiny. And that could be done by yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Check the section below to find out the techniques to make the concrete smooth and shiny.

How to Make Concrete Smooth and Shiny – Techniques to Make them Shine

For the techniques to be pulled off, you will need a few tools to work with.

Those are a mope, a concrete polishing substance, an epoxy concrete filler, a concrete smoother, a pressure washer, a mild soap, and a water solution, an elbow grease, baking soda, and a damp cloth.

With these simple elements, you can take a good care of your concrete surface to make it smooth and shiny at the very same time.

After you have gathered all the elements, now just follow the techniques to keep them beautiful.

Technique 1: Regular Washing with a Soapy Water Solution

Whatever concrete surface you have, to keep the area smooth and shiny, you can clean it with a mild soap and water solution.

Do not ever use any acidic solution on the concrete. It will make the surface scrapped.

The soapy water solution is enough to deep cleanse the concrete surface at your home.

It will help you to remove the dust and also remove the watermarks and suntan from it

. Just make sure that you dry the area properly to make sure that you do not leave any watermarks on the concrete surface.

Continue to use this technique often to make the concrete surface look beautiful.

Techniques 2: Polish with a Concrete Polishing Substance

If you find that there are a lot of suntan on the floor and that takes away all your shine from it, then you need to buy a concrete polisher.

Then apply it with a mope or cloth according to the instructions on the label of the product. Make sure that you try to cover a small area at a time.

Start from one corner to reach another corner. This will help you to cover all the area with ease.

Doing a small section at a time will help you to make the glaze on the area. Otherwise, you will leave the area look hazed and gloomy with the polishing substance.

Try to do this every second month to maintain the shine and smoothness.

Technique 3: Fill Cracks with Epoxy Concrete Filler

Sometimes you may see that there are small cracks on the concrete surface.

And that can take place due to heavy use of the area or putting heavy materials on there. In that case, you need to buy an epoxy concrete filler to fill the area.

You can buy your concrete color matching epoxy concrete filler from any hardware stores nearby.

Mix the epoxy together and fill the cracks with it. Leave the area to dry up for around 24 hours.

If you have large cracks, then you need to add hardner with the epoxy to give it a strong bond.

Use concrete smoother to roll over the area to make the area level and have a bond within them.

Make sure that you give enough time to the area to dry. You can add a layer of the polisher to make the place look shiny and smooth.

Technique 4: Clean it with a Pressure Washer

Having a concrete surface on the outdoor can cause it a heavy layer of dust on it. In this case, you can use a pressure washer to clean the concrete area.

But first, check it on a small area to find out if the concrete surface can handle the high pressure of the water or not.

You can clean the outdoor once with this method in every second month. This will remove the dirt from the area and make the space look like new.

Technique 5: Use Elbow Grease and Baking Soda to Clean

If there is a problem in a small area, then you can go with this technique to work with.

For this, you need to put a small amount of elbow grease on the area and sprinkle baking soda over it.

Then use a damp cloth to rub around the area to make the area smooth and shiny again.

Most of the time, you will be needing to follow this technique to make the concrete surface look shiny and smooth.

Because there will not be a flat area all over the place all the time.

These simple techniques can help you to improve the outlook of any of your concrete surface to make it look smooth and shiny in a few hours and make your house ready to welcome guests.

But all you need to make sure that you take the regular care of it to be pretty for a longer time.

There are some things to know more about the concrete surface. Check out the below section to find a few of those.

How Do You Polish a Concrete Countertop?

Having a concrete countertop can make your kitchen look beautiful, but it asks for some extra care too.

And that is regular polishing. The polishing of the concrete countertop requires to have buffing with different microfiber pads.

Those can come from 50-grit to 1500-grit.

Just you need to make the process simple to buff the area with the different pads one by one to ensure the smoothness and shine on it.

Besides, you need to use a polishing substance to make the process work more accurately.

How Long Does it Take to Polish Concrete?

The time of polishing the concrete depends on the area you are dealing with. But a standard area of concrete requires 2 to 3 days of polishing.

Giving more time will ensure you the glaze and smoothness of it. So, next time you are planning to polish your concrete area, make sure you have enough time for it.

Polishing the concrete area of the house helps to make your home look more neat and tidy.

Besides, a shiny house is something that you always wanted to have.

So, do not be lazy to make your house look attractive to everyone and become the reason for their jealousy.

And keep this as your little secret of maintaining your house so beautifully. Because beauty is what attracts everyone towards you.


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