How to Make Concrete Look Like Marble – 7 Easy Steps to Follow

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You can get the look of stone coat countertops and stone coat floors without having to replace the concrete to give the concrete a marble-like look.

The concrete look may start to bore you if you have had them for a long time. Perhaps you can take it as a sign that you’re ready to try something new.

You can easily change the look of your concrete with results like a marble garage floor and a marble countertop.

Even if epoxy isn’t your thing, use marble contact paper to achieve the look on countertops, walls, and furniture.

With an epoxy kit or contact paper, you can make concrete look like marble for your next DIY home project.

7 Steps to Make Concrete Look Like Marble

How to Make Concrete Look Like Marble with Epoxy – 7 Easy Steps to Follow

Let’s start with how to create the marble look on concrete using the epoxy coating method.

Step 1: Choose color and the marble texture you want

You can find the color you want to work with by getting some ideas from marble catalogs online or at the local home improvement store.

For starters, the basic choices are white marble or black marble.

Having a reference picture can help while you’re applying the texture of the marble.

Step 2: Clean the area and fill up small holes

Clean the area with soapy water and let it dry. If you find any small holes in the concrete, you can fill those up with a pre-mixed concrete patch.

Use a putty knife to help make it smooth.

After you have smoothened the concrete, let it dry up completely. Wipe up stray putty from the area with a wet rag.

If you’re working with the garage floor or basement floor, get all the grease spots out with a concrete cleaner to prep the floor.

Step 3: Prep the area for the project

Use drop cloths to cover any areas that the paint could splatter on.

Then use painter’s tape to cover up the corners, masking the areas where you do not want the color to touch. This will help you maintain smooth edges for the project.

Wear rubber gloves for this project to help avoid getting the chemicals on your skin.

Step 4: Add primer and base to the area

Use a primer that is made for concrete.

Allow the primer coat to dry.

Step 5: Apply an acrylic texture

Mix your chosen acrylic color with glaze. Then dip a brush or cloth in the mixture to create drips on the floor from the fabric. The drips will create a marble pattern for you.

Another method to create the marble texture is to use marble texture spray paint.

Step 6: Apply the epoxy coat

Mix the resin and hardener from the epoxy kit according to the kit instructions.

Then, apply the mixed epoxy to the countertop, using about 3 ounces per square foot.

You can work carefully because it will take 45 minutes for the epoxy to set. Use a propane torch or heat gun to get rid of any bubbles in the epoxy. Sweep over it with the torch head about 3 inches away from the surface.

Wait 24 hours for the color resin coat to dry.

Step 7: Apply two coats of clear epoxy

Apply the clear mixed epoxy after the color coat has dried. Let it dry.

Then, sand lightly with 220 grit sandpaper. This will create a “tooth” so you can double coat the clear resin. Wipe off the dust with a paper towel.

Finally, apply another layer of clear epoxy coat. It will take about 3 ounces per square foot. You can use 1/8-inch by 1/8 inch square notch to level the application.

If you’re using a marbling kit, like an Italian white marble project kit, it will self-level as it cures, so you won’t need to use a trowel. It also comes with a heat gun that you can use to prevent bubbles.

How to Paint On and Create on the Marble Look on Concrete?

Here are some tips on how to create the marble effect and veining if you want to try creating them by hand.

First, create the color mixture for the veining. Try a dagger brush to create the thin veining look.

Marble veins vary, so get a reference photo of the marble that you fancy.

You can dress up handmade marble designs with decorative color chips that are made for concrete coatings.

Sprinkle them on while the paint is wet. They will adhere permanently.

Optionally, apply an epoxy coat to the concrete floor. That adds a high gloss finish that is commonly seen with finished marble.

With this process, you can easily turn your concrete floors so they look like a new marbled floor.

How to Make Concrete Look Like Marble Without Epoxy

Epoxy coating is not the only way to achieve a marble look on concrete. This is especially true for indoor projects like countertops and walls.

With a good quality marble contact paper, you can easily create the look of concrete countertops. It can update and refresh your kitchen with a realistic marble stone effect.

Since the marble contact paper is made for updating kitchens and bathrooms, it’s also heat resistant and waterproof. Removing it is residue-free, so you can refresh the look easily.

how to make concrete look like marble

In the following section, find out how to make your floor look like granite and how to paint marble patterns on the floor.

How to make a concrete floor look like granite?

Making concrete floors look like granite is similar to making them look like marble.

Clean the floors with a cleaner and etcher with will prep your unsealed concrete surface for coatings. This works well for basement floors, garage floors, driveways, patios, pool decks, and any surface that has unsealed concrete. It will get rid of oil and grease spots while being safe to nearby plants.

Patch any holes with a premixed repair concrete.

Then apply a base coat paint. If you’re happy with the way the paint looks, it’s fine to finish at this step.

To create the quartz granite look, sprinkle color chips while the paint is still wet.

Allow the paint to dry. The chips will attach to it permanently.

Apply a high gloss coat of epoxy shield to get the shiny look of a polished granite surface.

Let this layer dry completely for 24 hours before walking on it. If this is the garage floor, wait 72 hours for it to be ready for your cars.

How to make concrete countertops look like granite?

You can use a countertop paint kit like the Sicilian Sand kit to create the look of granite.

Another method is to use stone texture spray paint to create the granite look. This can be applied after the concrete is cleaned and primed with concrete base paint. Once the spray paint is dry, apply a top coat to protect the countertop from water and scratches.

How much do stone coat countertops cost?

If you choose to DIY with a stone coat countertop epoxy kit, you can create your stone coat countertop look within a budget of about $100-$200, given a size of the average 35 square feet of countertop.

Painting Floors to Look Like Marble

The process to paint floors to look like marble can be simple. Select the desired color and paint the base coat with it.

Then add the second color while the first one is still wet. Try to mix those leaving a distinction in them.

Add the third color while it is still wet and do the same as before. Use a dagger paintbrush with a fourth color to draw the veins on the floor. Let your artisan marble effect dry.

Lastly, cover the whole area with glaze and let it dry completely.

Faux Painting Techniques for Concrete Floors

Faux painting techniques are used to paint the concrete floors, walls, and countertops to look like marble.

Select the color and paint the floor with a primer base coat.

You can use a marble effect spray paint to make things easy.

Create the veins on the floor and then seal in the look with a topcoat varnish or epoxy varnish coating. This is all that needs to be done in the faux painting technique.

These methods can help you make the concrete floors, walls, or countertops in your home look like new marble. It’s another idea for your next home renovation project.

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    • Be sure to use epoxy that’s made for countertops and that should withstand regular countertop use.
      Perhaps take care about putting hot pots on heat pads, like you do with laminate countertops.
      As well, be careful of harsh cleaners like you normally do with marble. It’s a good idea to always test new cleaners in an inconspicuous corner.


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