How to Make Cloud Slime – Follow These 4 Easy Steps

Slimes can be the best gift for any kid nowadays. They love to play with them.

As the slime is made of non-toxic materials, you can blindly allow your kid to play with it. Cloud slimes are like magic for the kids.

So surprise your kid by knowing how to make cloud slime and making those for them. Check out the section below to know the perfect recipe for cloud slime.

how to make cloud slime

How to Make Cloud Slime

Gather Around The Elements

To make the cloud slime, you will need School glue, liquid starch, warm water, food coloring and instant snow powder. That is all.

So let us start with the process of making the slime for your kids.

Mix Glue And Liquid Starch

Firstly, start with mixing equal parts of glue and liquid starch in a bowl. Make sure that you use equal amounts and a spoon to mix them well.

Continue to mix them until they form a consistency. They will come together as you continue to mix them. They will create a slime consistency in no time.

So, be patient while doing so. If the slime is too thick or thin, then add liquid starch or glue accordingly.

This will help you to reach the required consistency of the slime. Continue to do it until you reach the perfect consistency of the slime.

Mix Water And Instant Snow Powder

Once you are done with mixing the glue and liquid starch, now you need to mix the water and instant snow powder.

Get some warm water in a small bowl and add a few drops of your favorite food coloring. This will make the slime more lucrative for your kids.

Then add instant snow powder to the water and wait for a few seconds. After a few seconds, you will see snow form from the water.

Add Both The Mixtures

Lastly, combine both the mixtures together to make a cloud slime for your kid. You can use multiple colors to create various colored cloud slime.

This a very simple technique to make cloud slime at your home. So, make these to amaze your child and see the smile on their faces.


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