How to Make Cedar Oil – Follow These 3 Different Methods

Cedar oil is extracted from the cedar tree and is a form of essential oil. It has a pleasant scent and also has many health benefits.

But the question of how to make cedar oil depends on the amount you want to make and how do you want to make.

3 Methods to Make Cedar Oil

There are many ways to make cedar oil. But distillation is the most used process to make cedar oil out of the cedar trees.

The machinery used for the distillation can not be purchased for home usage according to the law. This restriction created three different methods to make cedarwood oil.

Let us take a look in the below section to find out the different methods that can help us to make cedar oil.

How to Make Cedar Oil in 3 Different Methods

Method 1: Commercial Distillation

In the commercial area, the extraction of cedar oil can be done in two different distillation processes.

Those are steam distillation and wood distillation. You can choose any one of them by adding pressure to extract the oil from the cedarwood.

As the machinery is very expensive, the production rate is somewhat less than it should be in a commercial area.

Besides, the wood distillation process requires a lot of carbon-di-oxide.

Carbon-di-oxide is harmful to nature, so the production of cedar oil using this process is less in amount.

Method 2: Home Steam Distillation

Steam distillation at home to extract cedar oil is very easy to do.

All you need is to have a steel pot and a lid, some cedar leaves, bark, cedar berries, a steel can, 4 cups of distilled water and heat.

Take your steel pot and fill around 1 inch of the bottom of the pot with the cedar leaves, bark, cedar berries and put the can in between.

Then fill up the pot with more cedar leaves up to the height of the can. Now pour 4 cups of distilled water in the pot and put it on the flame to boil.

Now lower your heat and put your lid upside down. Make sure that your handle of the lid should be on top of the can. Fill the lid with ice cubes on top.

As you can see, steam is coming up; the ice and the lid will concentrate the liquid in the can.

When you can see about 3 cups of the liquid has been stored in the box, take the heat away and strain the leftover liquid from the pot with a strainer.

The liquid you have gathered is called hydrosol. Now let it rest for a while. After that, you will be able to find oil on the top of the liquid.

Use a cotton ball to soak up the oil and store it in a bottle in the refrigerator.

You can store the hydrosol in the refrigerator and use it as a body mist, air freshener and etc.

Method 3: Oil or Alcohol Base Extraction

Oil or alcohol can be used to extract the cedar oil or scent in them.

For this method, you will be needing a clean jar, some cedar leaves, bark, cedar berries, and almond oil or vodka.

At first, take a jar and clean it properly with soapy water and let it dry for a while.

After the pot has been dried up properly, fill that up with the cedar leaves, bark, and berries you have collected.

Now pour in your almond oil or vodka in the jar to fill up the whole area. Close the cap of the jar tight enough that the air does not get inside to get in contact.

Keep your jar allocated in a cold and dark area for about a week. It would be better if you leave it for more than seven days.

After seven days, take the jar out of the dark place and strain your liquid through a strainer. Keep your cedar oil extract in a clean pot for future use.

The cedar oil base can be diluted into your moisturizer and lotions for your skin.

And you can use the vodka cedar base to make homemade perfume and sprayed to relieve joint pains.

These simple methods can help you to extract cedar oil commercially and also at home.

So now you can choose the way you want to try to extract the cedar oil and use it for your personal use.

Cedarwood oils are beneficial for many reasons. It can be used for homemade pest control or even to prevent hair loss.

In the below section, you can find out different ways to use cedar oil and the process to make a spray out of it.

How to make cedar oil

Making Cedar Oil Spray

Cedar oil spray is easy to make. First, you need to fix what type of other oils you want to mix up with your cedar oil and what purpose it will serve to you.

Then mix all the ingredients in the perfect ratio and pour them in the spray bottle you have at your home.

Do not forget to clean up the spray bottle before you pour down your oils in it. Cleaning and drying up the bottle beforehand will ensure the purity of the oil mixture.

Cedarwood Oil for Fleas

Cedarwood oils are perfect for preventing fleas at home. You can make a spray out of the cedar oil and spray it at home.

You can also use the cedar oil in your air diffuser to make all the fleas gone for forever from your home.

How to Use Cedarwood Oil for Hair Loss?

Using cedar oil along with lavender and rosemary oil can reduce the hair fall.

All you need is to mix a few drops of the stated oil extracts with the base oil and massage it to your scalp.

Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and see the result after regular use.

Cedar oil is beneficial for your health and the healthy environment of your home.

With the help of this oil, you can remove fleas from your home and get relieved from the joint pain.

So, make your cedar oil extract at home to make your life healthy and fresh.


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