How to Make Baby Headbands – 5 Simple Steps to Follow

Babies are a blessing to our lives. We always try to make things for our babies to make them look and feel like a princess. Headbands are those small things that make them look adorable. And you can even make them on your own. Just know a few simple steps of how to make baby headbands from the following section and make beautiful headbands for your little princesses.

how to make baby headbands

How to Make Baby Headbands

Start with Gathering The Elements

Making the baby headbands does not require too many elements. Just a few simple elements like soft elastic, a pair of scissors, glue and small flowers for decorations. With these few elements, you can easily make the baby headbands for your baby girl.

Cut The Elastic

Once you have arranged all the elements near your hand, now you need to cut the elastic first. Make sure that you cut the elastic half an inch bigger than the size of your baby’s head. This will stop the elastic from hurting your baby’s head. Cut the elastic evenly to ensure that the finishing look like the store-bought products.

Trim Small Flowers

As you have cut the elastic in the previous step, now you need to trim off some small flowers from the flowered laces. You can also buy small fabric flowers to attach them to the elastic headband. But the trim of lace flowers are more soft and wash proof. So that they are safe for your babies. So gather around the small flowers to decorate your little angles headband.

Attach The Flowers to The Headband

Attach the trimmed small flowers to the elastic you have cut earlier. Use glue to attach the flowers to the elastic. You can use a glue machine to do your job. But make sure to use the glue that has no non-toxic chemicals in it. This way, you can ensure the health safety of your baby.

Glue The Elastic

Lastly, finish up your making by gluing the two sides of the elastic to give it a complete look.

And your beautiful headband is ready to make your angle look adorable. You can apply your own creativity to the process to make more baby headbands.


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