How to Make a Shadow Box – 5 Step by Step Method

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Shadow boxes are picture frames that have a deep framing. You can use it to display thick cards, objects, your favorite 3D artwork and keepsakes.

You can make a shadow box that has semi permanent display, loading from the back. That is the simplest version to make.

 However, it’s only a few extra steps to make a shadow box that has a convenient front door. This is our household favorite so that we can arrange, and add or remove seasonal decor over the year.

Knowing how to make a shadow box helps you show your creativity, and at times of gift giving, it makes a thoughtful handmade gift.

Read on to know how to create a shadow box in 5 steps.

how to make a shadow box

How to Make a Shadow Box

Step 1: Design the Shadow Box

The very first thing you need to do is to make the design of the shadow box. Plan what you want to put in your shadow box.

What You Need

Step 2: Attach Wood Pieces to The Frame to Give Dimension

Next, you need to get the frame and cut wooden pieces for each side. These wood pieces will create depth in the frame for your 3D illustration.

First, cut the wood pieces according to the length of the sides with 45 degree angled ends. Use a miter box and saw to easily get accurate angles.

Then attach it to the frame using wood glue. If your piece is large, you will want to nail the pieces together.

Step 3: Add The Backing

After you are done with attaching wooden pieces to increase the depth, now you need to add backing to the frame.

Cut the illustration board with an exacto knife to the size of the frame. You can use a foam sheet in any color in front of the illustration board or paint it.

Place the illustration board on the back of the frame. Use wood glue or nail in the pieces to complete the making of the shadow box frame.

Step 4: Place the Artwork In and Finish Up

Once you are done with making the frame, now, you can place the artwork or display item inside the frame to create your 3D illustration.

Use the wood glue or nail to stick wooden objects in their place.

Step 5: Attach Hook to Hang

To complete the box, attach a hook to the box to hang it or place it on a table.

Use these simple steps to create your own beautiful shadow box at home.

Custom shadow boxes make great gifts for your beloved friends and family using these techniques.

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