How to Make a Ribbon Wreath on Wire Frame

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The use of ribbon wreaths for doors and fireplaces is trending every day. The most common method of making a ribbon wreath is by using a wire frame that supports the ribbon.

You can learn how to make a ribbon wreath on a wire frame if you want to decorate for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, summer or fall.

Here’s what you will need:

Ribbon wreaths are common because they last longer than real flowers and greenery.

how to make a ribbon wreath on wire frame

As a result, you will need to change the flowers every few days, which can be a hassle.

Instead of flowers, you can use ribbons and bows to make a wreath and it will look welcoming all season long.

You can switch up the colors and accessories of the ribbon wreaths once in a while for different occasions.

Ribbon wreaths are easy to make compared to flower wreaths. You will find that ribbons are forgiving to even a brand new wreath crafter.

On the topic of budget crafts and home decor, you might already have most of the items around the house! And if you want to splurge on cute ribbons, now you have a way to display them.

Now that you’re getting excited about the craft project, here is a guide to help you make a ribbon wreath.

How to Make a Ribbon Wreath on Wire Frame

Step 1: Use a round wireframe as the base of the ribbon wreath

You can use a wire frame to make the ribbon wreath, like this one on Amazon. Be careful about the size of the wireframe. Use a smaller size than your expected size of the wreath.

Because the size will increase when you will cover the frame with ribbons.

Step 2: Choose a few different colored ribbons

Now, it is time to choose the ribbons to make the wreath. You can use any type of ribbon based on your preference.

For example, if you are making a ribbon wreath for Christmas then you can use red and green ribbons for the wreath.

Check out trendy ribbons for your wreath:

  • Plaid and burlap, Christmas colors mixed with neutrals. These ones have iron wires on the edges that holds the shape you create. See on Amazon >
  • Christmas farmhouse look made of natural jute. See on Amazon >
  • Flocked wine Christmas ribbons with gold leaves. See on Amazon >
  • Kids wreath with fun ginger bread, candy canes, and snowmen. See on Amazon >

If you are making a wreath for Halloween, then you can use dark colors and spooky accessories.

You can also use ribbons with different patterns. You can use ribbons that are two inches wide.

You can combine a few solid-colored ribbons with patterned ribbons. You can use ribbons of different widths.

Step 3: Use a ribbon to cover the wireframe

You can use a solid colored ribbon to cover the wireframe.

If you don’t cover the wireframe properly, the decoration won’t look good as there will be gaps in the middle.

To cover the wireframe, you will need a hot glue gun. Use hot glue at the tip of the ribbon and place it on the wreath.

Then, start wrapping in such a way that there are no gaps in the wreath.

This video shows how to wrap the ribbons around the wire frame to create a ribbon wreath:

Step 4: Cut the ribbons for wrapping

After you are done covering the whole thing, you will need to hot glue the end of the ribbon. Cut the excess part of the ribbon.

Now, you will need to cut the ribbons that you have chosen for making the ribbon wreath. Cut the end of the ribbons into a V shape to make it look good.

Keep the length of the ribbons long enough so that you can wrap it around the wreath.

If you are unsure about the length of the ribbon, test with one ribbon at first. If the length of the ribbon is okay, then cut the rest of the ribbons to the same size.

Step 5: Wrap the ribbons around the wreath

After you are done cutting the ribbons, you will need to tie these around the wreath. Leave no gaps while covering the wreath with ribbons.

One way to make a beautiful ribbon wreath is to choose solid colored ribbons and textured ribbons together.

The choices depend on your preference and the occasion. One suggestion is to use greenery in the wreath.

You can use some greeneries with the ribbons as well. It is completely optional. If you don’t want to, you can use ribbons only.

Step 6: Cut the ends of the ribbons to make each the same size

After tying the ribbons, you will need to make sure that all the ribbons look the same size.

If there is any ribbon tail hanging outside the wreath, cut it with a scissor.

Step 6: Add fun accessories!

You can add little accessories to the ribbon wreath during Christmas, such as lights and bows.

For outdoor wreaths, you can wrap LED battery-powered waterproof string lights (like these ones on Amazon) on the ribbon wreath. For indoor wreaths, mini string lights work well.

Beginning at the top of the wreath, wrap the string lights in a spiral. Use floral wire to fasten it to the wreath. Twist them like twist ties and turn the end into the wreath to hide the floral wire.

If you have followed this step by step guide, you will be successful in making a ribbon wreath.

Below, we’ll talk about how you can make a ribbon bow.

How do you make a bow out of ribbon for a wreath?

Bows look magnificent on ribbon wreaths. If you can make a few colorful ribbon bows, it will increase the beauty of the ribbon wreath.

You can make these bows with unwired ribbons (view them on Amazon). You will need a two feet long ribbon to make a bow.

Choose some bright colors to make the bows. Again, you can customize the bows based on different occasions.

Hold one end of the ribbon and make a twist. Now, you will need to make several loops in the ribbons. After making each loop, twist the ribbon so that the ribbon doesn’t loosen up.

The number of loops depends on how big you want the bow to be.

If you want a big and fluffy bow, then you will need to make at least 5 to 6 loops. On the other hand, if you want a small bow, you can make 3 to 4 loops.

You can use floral wire, like a twist tie, to keep the bow loops together.

Pull out the loops to make sure that the bows are about the same in size.

See how to fold and tie the ribbon bow here:

You can add 3 to 4 bows in one wreath if you are using larger bows. In the case of small bows, you can add 6-7 bows to the ribbon wreath.

After you are done making the bow, you will need to attach the tails with floral wire. Cut a V shape at the ends to make them look good.

After that, you can use a hot glue gun to attach the bows to the ribbon wreath.

Making a ribbon wreath on a wire frame is not a tough task if you know the right technique to do it.

Make a few ribbon wreaths to decorate your fireplace and your door for different occasions!

If you liked this article, please share with your friends or comment below on your favorite holidays and seasons to make ribbon wreaths!

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