How To Make A Nightstand Taller – 11 DIY Methods

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What do you do when you come across a stunning piece of furniture, perhaps at an antique shop, that is almost perfect but for one minor flaw, like a nightstand that doesn’t fit with the height of your bed? Of course, if you’re like me, you whip out your card and purchase it anyhow to figure out a solution later, which is what I did.

You may increase the height of a nightstand by adding bun feet, creating a platform, or adding little wood blocks. Additionally, you may use the thick dowel at the top of the tapering leg jig to heighten a nightstand.

Tip: You can add matching furniture feet

This is the simplest step and works well for stationary furniture like nightstands. You can choose flat furniture feet that inserts under “foot-less” nightstand. If your nightstand has feet or legs, you can simply measure the thickness of the nightstand’s legs and choose a furniture height extender in the color that complements it.

Increasing the height of a nightstand can be easy. But, first, you must raise it to make it easy to access, while preventing an unusual raised look. Several methods can be used to add height to your nightstand, make it more attractive, and give it a fancy tall-looking aspect. We’re going to show you how to make a nightstand taller with different methods that you can choose from.

How To Make A Nightstand Taller

How tall should a nightstand be?

With an inch or two added or deducted, your nightstands should be at about the same height as the top of your mattress. Just slightly higher or lower. This makes it easier to access the things you need while you’re sleeping.

You can create these DIY nightstands to accommodate higher-than-average mattresses. They’re almost three feet tall! In addition, this implies that your bedroom has lots of storage space. Learn the different methods on how to make a nightstand taller below.

How To Make A Nightstand Taller

Method 1: Put on the feet bun

Suppose you have an inadequately sized master bedroom nightstand. This is not a significant problem. You have the solution now.

1. You may use the rule of thumb to determine its level, which should be somewhat higher than your mattress, or 3-6 inches higher.

2. If your nightstand lacks a base, you may adjust the bun feet. This requires purchasing those that are appropriate for the style of the nightstand.

It’s a simple technique that takes around 4-5 minutes to perform with screwdriver. Finally, paint it a complementary paint color to add a custom look to it.

Method 2: Install the caster

The caster design is ideal for elevating the side table and imparting a fresh antique look to the piece. The benefit is that you can slide it around to wherever you need it on your bedside table.

1. For this method, you’ll need instruments such as a brass caster for each leg or edge, a portable drill, and drill bits with the appropriate size requirements. This procedure takes between 30 and 60 minutes to perform.

2. To begin, flip over the nightstand on a flat surface and mark the spot where you will drill the hole large enough for the caster screw to fit.

3. You must create a pilot hole with a drill, then insert the caster. Then, tighten the caster.

Method 3: Add a leg extender to the existing nightstand legs

Your nightstand woes are solved with this method, and you can even adjust the height afterwards. You can usually purchase leg extenders at a reasonable price. This is another option on how to make a nightstand taller.

Solid construction and wooden drawer joints are required. Then, you’ll need to use a drilling machine of the appropriate size to create the hole.

These extenders come with screws that you may tighten manually. It’s not a tough assignment for you, and you can do it in a short time and for a fraction of the cost.

Method 4: Extend the nightstand leg with a tapering leg jig

This approach requires carpentry knowledge or practice. Here are a few essential equipment and materials such as bolts, knobs, toggle clamps, plywood, a table saw, a drill set, and more accessories.

1. Cut a plywood piece to the size of the nightstand leg. Attach the jig to the miter bar and finish trimming the plywood to match the current nightstand legs.

2. Using the drill bit, create more grooves in the attachment area to accommodate the bolt. Finally, add the leg extensions to your table using the hardware.

3. Get the bolt tight enough to ensure the safety of the bottom component.

4. You can use interior wood paint on the new plywood extension to match the nightstand.

Method 5: Build a platform for the nightstand

There is another option for adjusting the table height to your specifications. However, in this scenario, you must create a platform. It might be an excellent addition made of plastic or wood, or it could be a flooring upgrade for the nightstand underneath.

Method 6: Add a thick dowel section

This method requires you to cut a thick dowel in four equal pieces. If you want your nightstand to be 2 inches taller, cut it in 2 inch lengths.

Following that, secure or connect the thick dowel portions to the edges of the nightstand. If you are dissatisfied with its strength, enhance it using wood glue or an appropriate screw.

Method 7: Increase the top height by adding a piece to the top surface

You may use this approach to raise the top of your tabletop or bedside table.

1. Remove the nightstand’s drawers and place it on the workbench.

2. Then determine the screw that can be used to secure the new top frame. Consider that they ascend through the edge frame and into the underside of the surface board from the inner cabinet body. Measure the width of the nightstand top and get the plywood, other choice material, to the same size. Following that, plan and build the addition.

3. You must use wood glue to provide a firm union, and the new piece must be sturdy and screwed in place, but you must not use the screw during the operation to avoid damaging the surface.

4. Finally, color the whole surface with an appropriate paint or primer. For edges and fine finishing, use grain sandpaper and white wax.

Method 8: Put small wood blocks

You may now insert appropriately sized wood blocks. In this scenario, cut the piece of wood into four correctly-sized blocks.

It will simply fit them under your nightstand. It’s simple, straightforward, and cost-effective.

Method 9: Place another new drawer

Another approach that increases the height of the nightstand and makes it more attractive and roomy for you.

1. Take some dimensions, construct a drawer using a plywood piece, and connect the handle or knob to the opening location.

2. Create a new shelf in the direction that is most appropriate for it. Then, install it with screws and a drill, or you may use wood glue.

3. Finally, insert the draw into the rebuilt shelf and attach the top component or frame. Utilize the appropriate paint color to get your desired effect.

Method 10: Install the extra wood board under the top

In this scenario, you must unscrew or remove the top frame or potion.

1. Remove the drawers and other items from your bedside table to do this.

2. You may take some measurements and determine the appropriate proportions for the new addition. Create a new plan, sketch, and design based on your vision, and then build it.

3. Arrange it or secure it with bolts or wood glue to the top part. Reassemble all attachments, such as drawers and the top surface.

4. The next stage is up to you and your preferences, such as polishing or painting it. You may opt-out of this procedure if you like.

Method 11: Add an extra shelf by disassembling the legs of the nightstand

If you have a bedside table with a single drawer and an underneath section with just legs, you can add a shelf to use it to store extra things.

1. Disassemble the legs from top frame to start this process. Usually, you can use an Allen key or screwdriver to unscrew the attaching screws.

2. Following that, add a corresponding size of wood box, that as to enlarge the nightstand sides. You will need to drill at least 4 pilot holes and attach them on with wood screws.

3. Drill pilot holes on the other side of the box or new drawer extension. This is where you can attach the nightstand legs back on.


If your nightstand is too low, it will be challenging to reach your belongings and it could detract from the beauty of your bedroom decor. This post demonstrates the options you have when you’re wondering how to make a nightstand taller.

The most straightforward approach to extend the height of your nightstand is to add risers to the bottom of your nightstand. However, installing a top unit and extra storage panel (with optional drawers) may also enhance the nightstand’s height while enhancing utility.

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