How to Make a Mesh Wreath in 5 Simple & Easy Steps

Deco mesh wreaths can be a super gift for your beloved ones during the holidays. But buying them from the stores can be a bit pricy.

So why not you try it yourself to make one.

In the below section, the process of how to make a mesh wreath is given to help you make yourself a beautiful mesh wreath at any time.

how to make a mesh wreath

How to Make a Mesh Wreath

Gather The Supplies

Making the mesh wreaths is easy if you have patience and the required supplies near your hand.

And lastly, with some creativity of your own, you can make a beautiful mesh wreath by yourself.

For this, you will need 3 to 4 21” × 10-yard deco mesh ribbons, 1 twelve inch wire wreath frame, pipe cleaner, and clip flowers for decorations.

Gather these things around to start with the making process of the mesh wreath.

Cut The Ribbons

As you have gathered your supplies, now you need to cut the ribbons according to your taste.

You can cut the ribbons to 1 foot each to make multiple cuts to cover the 12-inch wire wreath frame.

After you cut the ribbons, they will instantly form a curled look.

Attach Pipe Cleaner to The Middle of The Ribbons

As you are done with cutting all the ribbons in short pieces, now you need to attach half of the pipe cleaner to make a twirl.

The twirl needs to be tight enough to hold the ribbons from the middle.

Attach The Ribbons to The Wire Frame

As you are done with the twirling, now you can shuffle the colored ribbons and attach them to the wireframe.

Make sure that you shuffle different colors to make it look beautiful. You can also put one color if you want. The color choice totally depends on you.

Attach Flower Clips to Complete

This is not a mandatory step to follow. But you can add flower clips in one corner or in the middle to make the mesh wreath look even more beautiful.

Along with this, you are done with making the mesh wreath, and you are ready to gift it to someone while making them amazed.

You can also use it to decorate your house too.


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