How to Make a Fitted Sheet Smaller & Make Sheets Fit Tight

Bed sheets are bought following the size of the bed. You will need to resize your fitted sheet if you buy a smaller bed or if the sheet has loosened over time.

So it is crucial to know how to make a fitted sheet smaller. Beds come in different sizes – king, queen, full, California king, etc.

If you need to change your bed, you must change the sheet as well.

For example, your two kids have been sleeping in the same room, so they needed a large-sized bed.

But now they have separate bedrooms, and they need a smaller sized bed. Also, the fitted sheets usually stretch over time, and they don’t fit properly anymore.

In both cases, you need to resize your bed sheet. You can do this easily by yourself at home.

Follow these steps, and you will be able to have a correctly fitted sheet for your mattress.

5 Steps to Make a Fitted Sheet Smaller

Step by Step Guide to Make a Fitted Sheet Smaller

Step 1:  Measure your mattress

If you need to make a perfect sized sheet or need to make your sheet smaller, you need to measure your mattress first.

Based on the size of the bed, you will resize the sheet. Measure the width, length, and depth of the mattress.

To make the task easier, measure the sheet as well. If you subtract the numbers, you will know how much you have to cut and sew.

Step 2: Figure out the measurement of the cut

Then you will have to figure out how to cut the sheet. You will need some accurate numbers so that the sheet fits well to your mattress.

Suppose, after measuring your mattress, you got a result like this – 39”x75”x5”. Now, you have to do some easy maths.

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Suppose the depth of your mattress is 5”. Double this and add 2”. Otherwise, you won’t be able to tuck the edges of the sheet in the mattress properly.

Add 12” to both the width and the length. So the new dimension is 51”x87”x12”. Follow this and cut your sheet based on this.

It is just an example so that you get a clear idea about how to measure the sheet.

You need to keep these extra parts in order to have enough space for seam allowance because the sewing will need some additional parts to make the sheets fit tight.

Step 3: Cut the sheet

Based on the measurement you took, cut the sheet. Before cutting, don’t forget to cut the seam at each corner.

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Also, remove all the elastics from the sheet. Find an area where you can lay the sheet flat on the floor — iron the sheet well so that the cuts are not uneven.

Mark the measurements and cut accordingly.

Sometimes, sheets are so big that you can make two separate sheets for single beds from one.

To make the proper and efficient use of the bedsheet, start cutting from one side.

As a result, you will have one side that is already hemmed, and you will have to work for another side.

The middle part of the sheets are usually more stretched, and they can be quite challenging to cut.

Step 4: Form the sheets’ pockets

It is time to cut and sew the corner of the sheets. To do this, measure the depth of the mattress.

In the previous example, it was 5”. Add one inch to this and cut a square from each corner of the sheet. Sew these edges and form the pockets.

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Step 5: Cut the elastics and sew with the sheet

You will need some elastics as well to make the sheet fit better. You will need four pieces of elastics. The length can be 6 inches or more.

A width of half inches will be enough. You might not find your desired elastic in the market because they can be of different size.

You can alter the size of the elastic and then add to your bedsheet. Place the elastic at the center of seam of each pocket. Sew it with a zig-zag stitch.

How to Make a Fitted Sheet Smaller

Ways to Make Sheets Fit Tight

After making the right size of bedsheet, its time to have a good night sleep.

But even after making the sheet smaller and tighter, you might find yourself tossing and turning at night.

It can happen if the bedsheet doesn’t stay in its place. You can prevent your sheet from sliding away from your mattress in other ways as well.

Here are some tips through which you can make the perfect bed and sleep comfortably.

You can use stretchy bands for your bed. You can fit two bands at the top and bottom of the mattress. You must find the right size that goes with the size of your bed.

These bands come with knobs, which will help the sheet to stay in the right place. After placing the bands, place the sheet on the mattress.

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Lock the knobs so that the sheet doesn’t move once you fall asleep. It is better to sew a sheet.

But if you are not comfortable with sewing, you can use this alternative method.


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