How to Make a Dog Bandana in 4 Easy & Simple Steps

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Making a bandana is one of those cute accessories you can make for your adorable canine.

You’ve probably got a spare bandana in the closet or you can get a regular bandana for

Read on for the easy DIY steps of how to make a dog bandana.

How to Make a Dog Bandana

What You’ll Need

After you have gathered all these things, you can start making the bandana.
how to make a dog bandana

Choose Your Bandana Size and Cut the Cloth

Now it is time to determine the size of the bandana.

Using your dog’s collar, you can measure how big it has to be.

You can compare it to the general sizes of dog bandanas on this site: Swanky Paws measurements.

Measure how long the collar is, and add at least 6 inches. That is how long the bandana has to be. Use a fabric marker to mark the length of your dog’s collar.

Folding it in in half and cut the fabric to the length and shape of the bandana you want to make.

Continue doing the same with the other fabric you have.

Stick The Fabrics Together

Next, put your two pieces of fabric together. This will create a nice two-tone bandana.

With your iron-on hem tape, you will measure and cut the lengths that you need.

Use it like double-sided tape and place it in between the two pieces of fabric where it needs to attach.

If you want to do this with sewing, add pins to the corners where you will need to have sewed on.

Make sure that you leave a small space and then add the pins. This will help you to sew securely.

Iron-On or Sew the Fabric Together

With an iron, use the flat hot side against the outside of the fabric and it will attach the two pieces of fabric. It works like you’ve sewn it together.

For sewing, you will sew according to the pins you have set. Sew two sides of the cloth with the sewing machine.


With a few tools, you can easily make a little accessory for your dog and show your friends his or her cute new bandana.

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