How to Make a Diaper Cake Without Rolling – 8 Easy Steps

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Diaper cakes are a fun crafted gift idea. They also make a fun point of interest at baby showers.

And since diapers are essential for every new mom, gifting a diaper cake will be appreciated like a token of love.

However, the conventional way of rolling and making the diaper cake is a time-consuming method.

There’s another way to make one that will take less time to prepare so that you can take your time doing the fun part — decorating!

In this article, you’ll find out how to make a diaper cake without having to roll the individual diapers.
how to make a diaper cake without rolling

Diapers make life easy for parents and keep baby bums cleaner since they’re quick to change. Combined with endless creative designs, that makes diaper cakes quite the perfect gift.

However, rolling each and every diaper will take a lot of time. It will also make each diaper lose a bit of its newness.

Read on to find out how to make an easier, neater-looking diaper cake without rolling!

How to Make a Diaper Cake Without Rolling

Making the diaper cakes can be done easily in a step by step process.

Just like making a real cake, you’ll create the plain tiered cake first. Most nappy cakes have 3 tiers.

Next, you will add decorative items to make it look the way you want.

What You Need

You might already have the following: a hot glue gun, tape, and scissors.

You can choose decorative items that are useful for baby care, like a cute security blanket and baby washcloths.

And let’s not forget — diapers! You can find out if the new parents have a preferred diaper brand, or choose one yourself based on the colors and designs on the diaper.

It isn’t crucial to choose the colored diaper because you can cover the diaper tiers with swaddling blankets and decorative ribbon.

Consider using Size 1 or even Size 2 diapers because some newborns do not fit size Newborn. Babies also outgrow Newborn diapers quickly, and can outgrow the gifted newborn size diapers.

You will need about 70-100 diapers for a diaper cake with 3 layers.

Step 1: Prepare the pans

For a 3-tiered diaper cake, you’ll need a 3-piece round cake pan set.

It usually comes as 10″, 8″, and 6″. For this project, you can choose a larger size like 12″.

Just like layering a multi-tiered cake, you will also need a cake board at the bottom.

You can also use a pizza pan from the Dollar store or spare chargers of the same size. These can make a great base for diaper cakes.

Step 2: Start filling the pan with diapers

Instead of rolling the diapers to make the diaper cake, you will fill the pan with diapers.

Fill them from the outside in a circle. Put the folded bottom edge on the outer side of the cake. Fan them out about 2 inches apart.

Continue to fill the pan in a circle until it’s filled and put the empty toilet paper roll in the middle.

Do not overstuff the diapers in the pan.

Check out this video for how to fill the pan:

Step 3: Holding the layer together

After you place all the diapers in the pan, now you need to hold them together.

For this, a large rubber band to hold the cake together.

Once you’ve put the rubber band over the entire diaper layer, lift it out of the cake pan and set it aside.

Transfer the bottom tier onto a matching cake board.

Step 4: Repeat for the other 2 tiers

Repeat these three steps a couple more times with the other two cake pans. You’ll end up with 3 tiered layers.

Step 5: Optional, Wrap

This step is like adding fondant or icing to a tier in the cake.

Decide if you’re going to wrap any of the layers in wrapping paper or swaddling blankets.

Pastel Wrapping Papers with Gold Foil

Now, wrap the diaper tier and the cake board.

Use rubber bands to tie the ends of swaddling blankets.

Or use tape to secure the ends of the wrapping paper.

Wrap it sturdily. Tuck in the top and bottom into the toilet paper roll to get a flat top and bottom for the tier.

Step 6: Add decorations

Now, you can add decorations to the sides of the tiers.

You can leave the rubber bands on that have been holding up the diapers in place. This will ensure that the diapers will not fall apart.

Wrap a decorative ribbon and attach the ends of the ribbon with a safety pin or hot glue gun.

For baby girls, you can use a burlap and lace ribbon. Or you can also make or get a matching bow set for a complete diaper cake decoration.

For baby boys, you can use burlap ribbon with a plaid ribbon.

Use the glue in between two pieces of ribbon or add a piece of paper in the rubber band where the glue can attach.

The ribbon will decorate the cake and also will hide the rubber band from sight.

Ideas for decorations:

Step 7: Stack the layers of the cake

Now get all the layers together. Stack the layers one by one and put them all together in the multilayered cake stands.

The cake board under each layer will add support for the diaper cake.

You can also use a cake stand to display the tiers of the cake.

If you’re using a cake stand, you’ll have to make 3 cake toppers, one for each tier.

Step 8: Decorate the cake top

For the cake topper, you can use cute baby rattles or small stuffed animals.

Cut a piece of a paper plate to the right size for the top of the cake, and attach these toys with safety pins.

Attach the cake topper to the toilet paper roll in the diaper cake with a hot glue gun or double-sided tape.

You can use small baby toys like a wubbanub, baby rattles or baby shoes also make cute and useful cake toppers on the diaper cake.

Learn more about the diaper cake to make the perfect gift for a new mom. Check the below section to know about them.

How many diapers do you need to make a diaper cake?

For a 3 tier diaper cake that is about 12″ in the bottom layer, you will need to buy a pack of at least 70 diapers. Around 70-100 diapers will be used to make the cake.

The amount will vary depending on the size of the cake and the diaper brand.

You will want to get Size 1 or 2 diapers because some newborns do not fit the Newborn NB size diaper.

So make sure that you see the size you are giving as the gift to calculate how many diapers you will be needing to make the diaper cakes for the gift.


Have a fun time creating this cute crafted gift. It will be a surprise for the new parent and an amazing gift at a baby shower.

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