How to Make a Diaper Cake Without Rolling

Diapers become essential for the would-be mother. They are the token of love from the people around her towards her baby.

That is why it has been a trend of gifting the diaper cakes to the would-be mother at her baby shower.

But the traditional way of rolling and making the diaper cake is a time-consuming process.

So, here we will be talking about how to make a diaper cake without rolling in less time and with less preparation.

Let’s get started with the tricks of making the diaper cakes without rolling them.

how to make a diaper cake without rolling

Diapers make life easy for mothers. The development of the diaper making technology has improved the lifestyle of the mothers and along with the babies.

It has been proven to be beneficial to the health of the baby too. That is why it is important to know and choose the right type of diapers for babies.

And what would be a more perfect gift than having a diaper cake as a gift on your baby shower or you gifting it to others?

But rolling each and every diaper will take a lot of time for you. But here, we will discuss the process of making the diaper cakes.

Check out the below section to find out the steps of making diaper cakes.

How to Make a Diaper Cake Without Rolling: Steps to Decorate

Making the diaper cakes can be done very easily in a step by step process.

All you need is to make sure that you maintain the steps properly to ensure that you have a very pretty looking diaper cake.

Besides, you can add some decorative items to make it look more attractive.

Those decorative items also need to be off the use for baby care. Now check out the following to make your perfect diaper cake.

For the making of the diaper cake, all you will be needing is round pans as the base, diapers, rubber bands, and ribbons.

In addition, you can use baby socks or gloves as decorative items for the cake. So let’s get started with the making.

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Step 1: Get perfect sized pans

The pans will work as the base of the diaper cake. So make sure that you choose the right size of the pan to work with.

You can also use round bowls to make the cake structure.

Step 2: Start filling the pan with diapers

Instead of rolling the diapers to make the diaper cake, you need to fill the pan with diapers.

Make sure that you cover the colored labels inside to hide it from the view. Ensure that you put the folded edge on the outer side of the cake.

Continue to fill the pan until its filled properly. But do not overstuff the diapers in the pan. That will make the cake look terrible.

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Step 3: Use rubber bands to hold the cake together temporarily

After you place all the diapers in the pan, now you need to hold all of them together.

For this, you can use a rubber band to temporarily hold the cake together and transfer it from the pan to another place.

Repeat these three steps for a couple of more times to make multiple layers for the cake.

Step 4: Stack multiple layers to give it a layered cake structure

Now get all the layers together. Stack the layers one by one and put them all together in the multilayered cake stands.

The cake stand will work as the support for the diaper cake. But make sure that you stack them carefully.

As getting it done in a haste can damage the diapers in the middle.

Step 5: Add decorative ribbons

Next, as you have stacked all the layers together, you need to add the decorative ribbons to it.

Leave the rubber bands that have been holding up the diapers in place. This will ensure that the diapers will not fall off the cake.

So keep the bands there and add extra decorative ribbons on top of the rubber band.

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That will not only decorate the cake but also will hide the rubber band from the sight.

Step 6: Decorate the cake using baby socks, gloves and items of your choice

Lastly, as you have made the cake structure out of the diapers, now it is time to decorate the cake according to your choice.

You can use the baby socks or gloves as the decorative items for the diaper cake decorations.

You can also add somethings as the decorative items that can benefit the would-be mother.

So it basically depends on you, how you are willing to decorate the diaper cake that you have made.

Besides, keep in mind to use such things that can help the would-be mother and her child in the future.

That would be the best gift that you can give to a would-be mother.

This process can help you to improve the gift ideas for you and benefit the gift owner.

Besides, gifting a person with a diaper cake can bring a smile on the face of a would-be mother. So spend a little time to bring that smile on someone’s face.

Know more about the diaper cake to make the perfect gift for a would-be mother. Check the below section to know about them.

How many diapers do you need to make a diaper cake?

For a standard diaper cake to build, you will need to buy a pack of 64 diapers. Around 60 diapers will be used to make the cake.

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But the size and amount may vary for the size of the diapers.

So make sure that you see the size you are giving as the gift to calculate how much diapers you will be needing to make the diaper cakes for the gift.

This information will help you to create amazing gift ideas for the nearest person who is expecting to have a baby in the near future.


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