How to Make a Canvas Frame – Follow This 4 Steps Guide

What can be more applicable than the canvas frames to portray your creativity to the world. Simply nothing.

But you can not only paint them to show your creativity but also can make them yourself to do so.

In the following section, the process of how to make a canvas frame is discussed to enhance your creativity and help you amaze the world with it.

how to make a canvas frame

How to Make a Canvas Frame

Gather Around Supplies

You need to gather the canvas fabric, four stretcher bars (two of ideal width and two of ideal height), a hammer, a staple machine, a pair of scissors, sandpaper, and palette paper.

With these simple things, you can easily make your canvas frame just the right dimension you want.

Attach The Stretcher Bars

Once you have collected all the elements you need to make the canvas frame; now you need to get the stretcher bars at your hand.

These bars come along with a notched side to attach them together. You can pick any size that you want of the wooden stretcher bars.

But make sure that the ratio of the height and the width is maintained. Otherwise, you can not put them together to form a frame out of it.

Slide in the notched corner to the other bar to complete the frame structure. This way, you can attach four of them to get the frame made.

Use the hammer to give a little tap on the corners to set firmly.

Cut Canvas Fabric

Next, you need to cut the canvas fabric bigger than the size of the frame to fit in the frame. Make sure that you calculate the corners to cut the material appropriately.

Attach The Fabric to The Frame

Once you are done with cutting the fabric, now you need to attach that to the frame. You can use the staple machine to pin the fabric tight to the frame.

Hold the fabric tightly while attaching the pins to it. Complete on all corners, and you are done with the making.

Once you are done, you will have a beautiful custom made canvas frame to show your creativity. Now get your paint brushes to amaze the world.


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