How To Make A Bra Strapless – 6 Easy Methods To Try

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You have a cocktail party this weekend. It takes you an hour to find the perfect top in your closet that’s not only beautiful but also clean and fits perfectly. But here is a downside. It’s a halter top, but you have no strapless bra to use with it.

For those who want to re-style their current bras into a strapless version, we’ve got a thorough guide on how to make a bra strapless.

How To Make A Bra Strapless

How to Make a Bra Strapless

It’s time to get creative with the strappy bras you already own. Take a sip of coffee and change into your regular bra. Learn how to convert any bra into a strapless.

Method 1: Hide the Straps

1. As usual, wear the bra with the straps around your shoulders. A secure fit will prevent it from moving through the day.

2. Slide the straps off your shoulders so that they are as short as possible.

3. If you tuck each strap into the side or cup of the bra, avoid creating bumpy edges. Some bras, like demi cup styles, will fold down its straps more elegantly.

4. For straps (especially at the top of your cup), go for boob tape, masking tape, or painter’s tape rather than safety pins.

Pros of this option:

  • A strapless bra can be easily converted into a standard bra without cutting the straps.
  • Ultimately, if time is of the essence, we recommend considering this option.

Cons of this option:

  • Depending on the type of bra you choose, it might cause the cups not to sit flat against your chest.
  • A bra strap that’s secured under the band of a tight outfit is likely to show.

Method 2: For Bras with Convertible Straps

1. Wear your bra and simply unhook the bra straps. Your lingerie straps should be dangling from your waist at this stage.

2. Adjust your straps to maximum length. Cutting them down later is also an option, but try to keep them as long as possible.

3. Let’s begin with one strap. Wrap it around your left ribcage and back until you reach where your right bra strap typically goes.

4. Once the left strap is connected to the right hook, secure it. Once the left strap is connected to the right hook, secure it. Do not let it slip.

5. Straps that are loose and hanging around need to be tightened. Moreover, they can also be used to keep your bra secure.

Pros of this method:

  • This is the easiest and fastest option.
  • There are no permanent alterations to your bra and it only takes a few minutes.
  • It adds an extra layer of strength by helping keep the bra in place by tightening the straps against your body.
  • Despite their strapless nature, convertible straps offer supportive benefits.

Cons of this method:

  • Most of us don’t even have a convertible bra to maneuver it.
  • Even if you have a converting bra, it is a possibility that this specific hook feature is not available.

Method 3: Cut the Straps

Those who like sewing and are willing to permanently alter their clothing will love this DIY strapless bra option! It’s best to use either a sewing machine or a needle and thread, although either one will do the trick.

1. The best bra choice is one that fits you well but can be altered if necessary. Due to the removal of the straps, choosing the right bra is critical.

2. Lay the bra flat on a table. Cut off the bra straps with fabric scissors. Try to cut as close as possible to the seams to avoid leaving strap remnants.

3. If you are removing the straps now, stitch a line along the middle of the straps. This step will not unravel the fabric, and you can wash the garment how you would if you bought it that way. You can do this without a sewing machine, even though it will take longer.

4. For being so handy, you deserve a pat on the back.

Tip: ​In order to keep your bra from losing its durability when you cut it, place it in a lingerie bag after washing it. Keeping it this way will keep it more durable.

Pros of this way:

This method gives you many victories! Spending less money, being resourceful, and reusing a bra rather than throwing it out.

Cons of this way:

The straps on this bra have been permanently removed, so they are gonna be a waste. Without a sewing machine, you will also have to spend more time sewing.

Method 4: Sewing into Your Top

1. Sip a glass of wine while you sew (or use your sewing machine). The effort will be worth it. You should pick a bra that you aren’t worried about permanently altering since the straps will be removed.

2. Cut off the straps over your shoulder using the third method.

3. Whenever you cut the sides, pull about an inch from both sides of the cup. You will be able to benefit from the stronger structure if you chop away the boning. Cutting away the boning will weaken the structure. If your chest is larger or you want more support, the wiring should be left in.

4. The bra should only have two cups without straps or bands if you lay it flat. Choose a bra with an inner layer of fabric so you can sew it directly to your outfit. To blend in, the threads should match the shirt color or dress color.

5. Try on the top with the bra cup inside. Secure the cups to the top with safety pins. In order to avoid lopsided eyebrows when you walk, this step must be done correctly! Otherwise, people will turn their heads in confusion when you walk by!

6. You can use a sewing machine, carefully sew the undergarment to the top. Sew the undergarments to the top using the sewing machine. Sew around each cup. If your top consists of one layer of material, sew the side seams of your bra to the side seams of your top. This will blend the thread into your top.

Pros of this choice:

  • As soon as the bra is sewn on, it will stay in place.
  • It also relieves the pressure off your back since your top is holding the bra in place – it’s almost like not wearing one.

Cons of this choice:

  • If you want a strapless top for several tops, you’d have to cut up a lot of bras.
  • With this one, you will only have one main outfit choice. Depending on your top, you will also need to sew again and again.

Method 5: Drop the Straps From the Shoulders

1. It is possible to wear dresses with straps with a bra and remove the straps from the shoulders.

2. Wear it with an off-shoulder or strapless dress that has sleeves.

3. You may occasionally find that the straps of your short/mock sleeves touch your face. To avoid this, use bra strap concealers.

Method 6: Put invisible straps on your bra

Here’s your answer if your bust is big. For bras that cannot adequately support you without bra straps, invisible clear bra straps are available. Clear bra straps attach to your bra using detachable straps. Here’s what to do if your bra is not detachable.

1. Take a bra that fits well.

2. Cut the straps with scissors or a razor blade.

3. Get a ribbon from a seamstress, or make your own.

4. It is recommended to cut the ribbon into 4 pieces, each about 3 inches wide.

5. Twist the ribbon lengthwise and fold in half.

6. Each strap should be sewn inside the bra where the old ones were cut off.

7. Hooks are now available for the clear straps.


Having a strapless dress or top on is trendy. The only concern is the bra. Still not staying in place? Try fashion glue. I hope you have learned many techniques on how to make a bra strapless and are now ready to try out the one that suits you best.

Moreover, if you were to wear a strapless bra, how would you style it? Feel confident and smile while wearing a strapless outfit.

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