How to Make a Box Spring Out of Plywood for Queen & Platform Bed

Box spring are common in bed for comfort as well as classy looks. Many people around the globe are satisfied by using a box spring bed for its an additional appeal.

If you know how to make a box spring out of plywood, you can make it by yourself and save a lot of money.

How to Make a Box Spring Out of Plywood

Plywood particles are cheaper than any other woods in the market. Beside plywood is famous for lite weight.

It is easy to move plywood from one place to another.

Basically, if you are looking for a wooden platform bed but in low budget then plywood might be the ultimate solution for you.

Box spring offers a few sorts of bed. Following the method below will acknowledge you about making standard queen bed and platform bed out of plywood.

How to Make a Box Spring Out of Plywood for Queen Size Bed & for Platform Bed

Making Box Spring for Queen Bed

Step 1: Purchasing the gears

You will need to buy some gears from a hardware store to build your box spring out of plywood particles.

The thing you will need to buy are – screws, plywood and bed rail hangers.

Step 2: Mounting the hangers

Bed rail hangers are essential for building any sort of wooden bed. Hangers usually helps to form a connection between all the bed rails in the frame.

Place the hangers carefully at the edge of the side rails and the attaching point of the head post. The formation of your box spring depends on the hangers.

Do not forget to check and recheck the placement of the hangers.

Sometimes you might not find bed rail hangers available in a hardware store. What to do then? No worries, just buy 8 long lag bolts instead.

It can easily be used as an alternative. Lag bolts are widely available and can make your bed pretty solid.

Step 3: Attaching support rails

Once you are done with mounting the bed rail hangers, start attaching the supporting rails with wood screws.

The distance between the screws needs to be around 12 inches to provide the maximum weight support.

Step 4: Support blocks

Measure the width of your support beam. You should cut a groove into the support block in U shape.

The U needs to be wide enough because the groove will hold the support beam. You already know the measures, so it will be easy for you.

Make 5 holes in the block. The holes are for screws that going to attach them with head post and foot rail of your bed.

Once the blocks are ready, you can attach them with screws with both the head post and foot rail.

Step 5: Support beams

You are done with the support blocks. Connect each of the hangers to connect the bed rails altogether.

As the frame is ready you will need to bring the support beams and place them well between two support blocks.

Try to bring stronger woods as support beams, cause stronger beams will produce a long-lasting bed.

Step 6: Attaching plywood particles

Cut a large plywood sheet. The measurement should be the same as the inner area of your bed frame.

Place the plywood sheet inside the frame. Your bed is almost ready. Just place a mattress on the plywood and enjoy your whole new homegrown box spring bed.

Making Box Spring for Platform Bed

Step 1: Gears you will need

You will need to buy a circular saw, few L brackets, 3-inch decking screw, and some plywood particles.

Besides, you will need few lumber. You can cut two pieces of 85 inches, five pieces of 67 inches, 19 3/8 inches, two pieces of 75 inches and four pieces of 57 inches.

Step 2: Base frame and bracer

The base frame is a must for a platform bed. You can use standard butt joints to place the screw.

The decking screws will attach the 75 inches and the 57 inches lumber what will turn into a 60” x75” box.

Remaining 57 inches lumbers can slide into the box.

The distance between each of them should be around 1/3rd of the box for providing maximum weight efficiency. You can use the screw to fix them inside.

Step 3: Platform frame and bracers

You should bring the 85 inches pieces and join them together with two 67 inches lumber to turn your frame into a 70”x85” platform box.

You can slide the remaining 67 inches pieces into four sections to make the platform bracers.

Once you have ensured the placement, you can use your decking screws to fix the bracers in the right place.

Step 4: The Platform supports

Your box spring will need platform supports to stand strong. You need to add the 19 3/8 inches pieces between the bracers you have set.

You can add two pieces in each section. Do not forget to space them evenly and try to stagger them for a better outcome.

Attach them with your decking screw as soon as you ensure their placement.

Step 5: Reinforcing the butt joints

You have applied butt joints to create both the base and platform. But butt joints might not be enough.

You should use the L brackets on the inside corner of both the base and platform to reinforce your bed.

You can apply them in some more areas which looks weak in your perception.

Step 6: Placing the plywood sheet

Your box spring bed is nearly ready. You should cut the plywood sheet in the same size as the interior of the box.

Two pieces should be enough to cover the box. Place the plywood carefully. The screws you used in the interior portion should not be visible after placing the plywood.

After that, just sand the wood and color it by your choice. Once the color is dry, you can place your mattress, a mattress topper, and a beautiful fitted sheet.

Your platform bed is ready to use. The simple steps above can get you a box spring out of plywood.

How to Make a Box Spring Out of Plywood

How to Build Your Own Box Spring

You can mount the bed rails with metal hangers. Attach the support rails beneath the surface and use brackets to hold the support beam.

You should connect each the rails in every corner. Place the plywood above. Your box spring out of plywood is ready to roll.

Can I Put Plywood Under My Memory Foam Mattress

A solid base is all you need to place your mattress.

Plywood has a solid and plain surface. You can put plywood under your memory foam mattress without a second thought.

How to Replace Box Spring with Plywood

Replacing box spring with plywood sheet is a budget-friendly method. You can place the plywood whenever the base and platform of the bed are ready.

Just remember to cut the plywood sheet in perfect measure.

How to Use a Bed Without a Box Spring

A plywood particle can easily remove box spring from your bed. Plywood is lite weight and cheap material.

Once the structure of your bed is ready, you can place a perfectly cut piece of plywood to use the bed without a box spring.

The methods above were about making a box spring out of plywood. It is cheap and environment-friendly as well.

If you are bored with placing a mattress at the floor or using a metal bed, try making a box spring yourself. It can give your room a whole new appeal.

If these tips help you, don’t forget to comment below.


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