How to Make a Bow with Ribbon – 6 Steps to Follow

When you add a beautiful bow in to wrap a gift, that particular gift becomes more special.

You can also use these ribbon bows as a hair accessory or for crafting projects. So, how to make a bow with ribbon?

Bows made from ribbons are easiest to make if you know the right process. Follow this step by step guide to making a beautiful and simple bow with ribbon.

how to make a bow with ribbon

How to Make a Bow with Ribbon

Step 1

The first step is to cut a ribbon to make the bow. Keep some extra length so that you can tie the bow properly.

After cutting the ribbon, you will need to place it on a flat surface.

Step 2

Hold the tails of the ribbon with your two hands and bring the tails in the middle. Make sure that the overlapping creates two loops.

Also, see if both loops are symmetrical. The size of the tails should be similar as well.

Step 3

Now, you will need to make a tie simply. Hold the left loop and bring it over the right loop and pull it from the back.

While pulling, make sure it goes through the hole of the loop.

Step 4

Now, pull the ribbon from one side, and you will see that it has formed into a bow.

If the proportions are not equal, adjust by pulling one of the tails of the bow.

Step 5

After you are done making the bow, cut the tails so that they are of the same length.

Cut one tail of the bow with a scissor in an angled shape and also cut the other tail similarly.

Step 6

If this ribbon bow seems too simple, you can also add a colorful wire in the middle.

A lot of people prefer to make ribbon bows with different colors and patterned ribbon.

You can always add pearl and beads in the center of the bow, which will make it even more gorgeous.

These are the steps that will help you to make a bow with ribbon. You can also add little accessories to make your bow more gorgeous.


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