How to Lay Flagstone on Dirt

Flagstones are vastly used for walkways and patios. Flagstone provides a strong surface so that you can place furniture on the surface without harming the ground.

It is important to know how to lay flagstone on dirt. Flagstones are mostly common among homeowners as they will give your yard and patio a natural and rustic look.

how to lay flagstone on dirt

When you cover your ground with flagstones, it also makes it easier to walk without any bump.

The best feature of placing flagstones is that you can lay it on top of the dirt.

As the flagstones are usually quite heavy, it will help plants and bushes to grow between the space.

Altogether, the greenery in between and the rustic color of the stones provide a beautiful and artistic look.

Below, we will show you how you can lay flagstone on dirt successfully.

How to Lay Flagstone on Dirt

Step 1: Collect the necessary tools

You will need a few handy tools to lay flagstone on dirt. You will need a measuring tape, flagstones, shovel, chisel, gravel, marking paint, scissors, hammer, etc.

Step 2: Make sure you don’t ruin any utility line by digging the surface

As utility lines are set below the grounds, digging might cause damage to utility lines.

So, as a precautionary measurement, you should contact the local utility companies to ensure that you are not causing harm to anyone.

Also, don’t break any regulations which might cause you trouble in the future.

Step 3: Mark the area

Before starting with the project, you will need to mark the area so that your neighbors and others know about it and don’t enter the premises.

You will need to mark the area from the beginning to the end. So that you know how much area you want to cover with flagstone. Pre-plan the whole process.

Step 4: Calculate how much area you want to cover with flagstone

At first, take a measurement of the length and then measure the width with a measuring tape. Add around 5 inches extra with the width.

Then multiply these two numbers, and you will figure out the area. For the depth, you can dig about 4 inches of ground.

You will need to cover the first 2 inches with gravel. The rest of the part will be enough for flagstones to sit as flagstones are usually 2 inches thick.

You can modify it based on the thickness of the flagstones.

Step 5: Use a weed barrier if you want to prevent plants from going in between

This step is optional. Many people prefer plants to grow between the space of the flagstones, and others don’t.

So, if you fall in the second category, you will need to lay a weed barrier on the area. It will prevent plants from growing in between.

Step 6: Fill the area with gravel

As the base, you will need to lay gravel on the area. Make sure that it covers at least two inches of the ground.

Also, try to place the gravel evenly all over the place. After this step, use water so that the gravel sets properly.

Step 7: Lay the flagstones based on your desired pattern and shape

Now it is time to place the flagstones. The flagstones are usually of different shapes, and you will need to place them on your own.

While placing the flagstones, make sure to keep a distance of at least 1 inch between the gaps.

If you find the flagstones too big in size, you can use a chisel and hammer to give the flagstone a better shape.

Step 8: Fill the gaps with gravel

You can use either sand or gravel to fill the space in between. After you are done placing the flagstones and the gravel, use water to set the whole area.

You can also use ground cover plants instead of sand. It is entirely up to your preference for how you want to fill the gaps.

These are the steps you will need to follow to lay flagstones in dirt successfully. If you find the whole project too hard, you can get someone’s help.

It is always better to work with a companion rather than working alone.

How Do You Lay a Flagstone Walkway in the Grass?

To lay a flagstone walkway in the grass, you will need to mark the spots where you want to place the flagstones.

Mark the pathway from the beginning till end, based on how much you want to cover.

Walk casually and see where your footstep occurs — Mark those spots with spray paint to place flagstones.

Now, you will need to dig the ground. Place a flagstone of a particular shape and dig it based on its shape.

If you want, you can also use gravel so that the entire step fills up. Now, place the flagstone on that spot.

Repeat this process throughout the area. After placing the flagstones, you can check for any hole and fill it with soil.

How to Lay Flagstone Steps?

To lay flagstone steps, you will need to calculate the distance between each step.

You can do this on your own, or you can take help from another person who will walk, and you will take the measurements.

Take a marker and mark the spots that your feet step on.

The process is very simple. Do this more than once so that you get a proper measurement. Don’t be too stiff or flexible while marking.

Be casual and mark as you go. Then place the flagstones following the previous ways.

How to Lay Flagstone with Ground Cover?

To lay flagstone with ground cover, you will need to remove the grass from the ground.

Measure the area you want to cover with flagstone and see how many flagstones you will need.

Now, start from the center. Find the square flagstones and place them at first.

Now, with the help of a hammer and a chisel, give the desired shape to the rest of the flagstones. The process of laying flagstone is the same as before.

Following these, you can successfully lay flagstone on your patio or pathway. Always be careful while dealing with the ground as you can cause damage otherwise.


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