How to Keep Squirrels Off Roof: 3+ Ways to Stop Them

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Squirrels are cute to watch from a distance. But having them in your house, especially the rooftops can be very noisy. They make high-frequency noise to communicate and move around quickly to make the tidy place untidy in no time. And for this reason, knowing how to keep squirrels off the roof is essential to keep your home safe from them.

You can use a solar powered ultrasonic repeller to keep squirrels off your property. It is meant for the garden but you can attach it safely to the entrance ways squirrels use to get on your property.

Squirrels will use tall poles and trees to get up to the roof of your house. You can install squirrel guards so that they stay away from using these poles to get onto your roof. You will want to install them at least 5 feet from the ground to be effective.

Squirrels can come to your house in various ways, and you need to know all of the ways to make them stop coming to your home.
how to keep squirrels off roof

During the winter, squirrels tend to come to human places to get warmth and brought up their children.

They build up their houses in our attic, roof floorings, or the chimney. They look for a nice and cozy place to live in.

And our homes are the perfect place for them to live in the winter and get easy food for their family.

They come into our houses through holes in the roof of the soft or wood-like materials, wires, or any overhanging trees.

They use these elements as their pathways to enter our house and make their nest in small places.

They move around the house fast and make everything dirty. So to make them stop coming to the house becomes a necessity.

But that does not mean to have them suffer in the winter outside.

Before you have the arrangement to make them stop coming, you need to make places for them to live in.

Because they have life and have the right to live. Only then you can go with the measures to make them stop coming to your house.

Check out the below section to find out the steps to keep the squirrel off the roof while making their place to live in.

How to Keep Squirrels Off Roof: 3 Methods to Stop Them

You’ll need to identify the way they are coming into your house. An outdoor camera will help you spot how they are entering. Next, you can use steel wool to cover up small holes. If you want to keep squirrels off your yard, you can use an ultrasonic outdoor animal repellent. You can also deter them from gutters, and other surfaces with non-toxic polybutene, also known as bird repellent gel.

Method 1: Remove the ways they get in

This is the most vital thing to observe. Look for the squirrel for a few days or for a week to identify how they’re making their way on to your roof.

You can install an outdoor security camera to do the job. Since it’s likely you won’t be observing the outside of your house all day.

Follow the video clips you have captured and look for the pattern they use to get on your roof. That way, you can identify the way they have been using as their gateway.

For openings in cracks of the house, like the foundation, use steel wool to patch up small holes.

After you have identified the place from the video clips or following their activity, you need to check the suspected route by yourself.

They can enter from the rooftop. So, grab yourself a ladder and try to find the hole or the pathway of the squirrels.

They can also use the windows and the wires to come in. So, check if any cable is gone through the window, making a small vacant place to pass through.

Most of the time, squirrels use the overhanging trees as way to jump onto your roof. If it’s safe to do, cut down or trim the overhanging branches that’s being a pathway for squirrels to come in.

Squirrels are good at jumping. But they can not jump from a long distance.

So make sure that the gap in between the tree branch and the roof is about 8 feet away. This will stop them from jumping from the trees to the roof.

Method 2: An ultrasonic outdoor pest repeller

This is a hands-free method that scares animals and wildlife away from your yard and garden.

The ultrasonic outdoor pest repeller has motion detection that activates and blasts a strobe light and ultrasonic sound to deter animals and wildlife from your yard.

Method 3: Bird Repellent Gel

Bird repellent gel is made of polybutene and is generally non-toxic. The transparent gel won’t stain your house’s surfaces.

You apply it with a caulking gun.

A bead-sized line is enough. When squirrels touch it, it is sticky, and they soon learn that they don’t want to return.

It lasts a long time and withstands the weather.

You can use it on gutters, handrails, window ledges, tree branches, and balconies.

Method 4: Use squirrel guards on poles

If you have any poles that squirrels are using to get onto your roof, you can install a squirrel guard that’s normally used for bird feeder poles. This prevents the squirrels from climbing all the way up the pole and then on to your roof.

For effectiveness, install the squirrel guard 5 feet from the ground.

How do I keep squirrels off my bird feeder?

Another consideration when keeping squirrels off your roof is whether you have bird feeders that attracts squirrels to your house.

Squirrels can raid your bird feeder and make a mess on your lawn. If your need squirrels to stay away from bird feeders, you can use a squirrel guard on the bird feeder pole.

There are two designs. First is the torpedo shape squirrel gaurd. It works best on shepherds hook type bird feeders.
iPrimio 18" Squirrel Baffle - Easy Install Pole Wrap Around

The second design is the cone shape squirrel guard.
Predator Guard Squirrel Baffle - Protects Hanging Bird Feeders and

You can choose either shape that looks better to you. The benefit of squirrel guards is that they will prevent both raccoons and squirrels from raiding your bird feeders.

There are also bird feeders designed to be squirrel-proof.
Another option is to choose a bird feeder that is designed to be squirrel-proof.


These steps can help you to keep these animals away from your house.

Finally, you can also make areas to help animals nest so that they will stop using areas you don’t want them to.

If you liked this article, please feel free to share it and comment below. What has been your experience with squirrels around the house?

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