How to Keep Squirrels Off Roof

Squirrels are cute to watch from a distance. But having them in your house, especially the rooftops can be very noisy.

They make high-frequency noise to communicate and moves around too fast to make the tidy place untidy in no time.

And for this reason, knowing how to keep squirrels off roof is essential to keep your home safe from them.

They can come to your house in various ways, and you need to know all of the ways to make them stop coming to your home.

how to keep squirrels off roof

During the winter, squirrels tend to come to the human places to get warmth and brought up their children.

They build up their houses in our attic, roof floorings, or the chimney. They look for a nice and cozy place to live in.

And our homes are the perfect place for them to live in the winter and get easy food for their family.

They come into our houses by making roles in the roof of the soft or wood-like materials, wires, or any overhanging trees.

They use these elements as their pathways to enter our house and make their nest in the small places.

They move around the house fast and make everything dirty. So to make them stop coming to the house becomes a necessity.

But that does not mean to have them suffer in the winter outside.

Before you have the arrangement to make them stop coming, you need to make places for them to live in.

Because they have life and have the right to live. Only then you can go with the measures to make them stop coming to your house.

Check out the below section to find out the steps to keep the squirrel off the roof while making their place to live in.

How to Keep Squirrels Off Roof: 5 Steps to Stop Them

Before you start your arrangements to make the squirrel stop coming, identify the way they are coming to your house.

This is the most important thing to look for to make the ways closed.

Otherwise, you will not be able to make them stop, as they can dig in holes again and make their nest inside.

Step 1: Look for the ways they get in

This is the most vital thing to observe. Look for the squirrel for a few days or for a week to identify their port to get in.

You can install the CCTV camera to do your job if you tend to spend more time outside the house.

Follow the video clips you have captured and look for the pattern of their coming. That way, you can identify the place they have been using as their gateway.

Step 2: Check to ensure the getaway

After you have identified the place from the video clips or following their activity, you need to check your suspected place by yourself.

Mostly they enter from the rooftop. So, grab yourself a ladder and try to climb that to find out the hole or the pathway of the squirrels.

They can also use the windows and the wires to come in.

So, check if any cable is gone through the window, making a small vacant place to pass through or not. If so, they come into the house by that place.

Step 3: Cut the overhanging trees on the rooftop

Most of the time, the squirrels use the overhanging trees to let them come into your house. Cut down or trim the overhanging trees near your roof.

Squirrels are very good at jumping. But they can not jump from a very long distance.

So make sure that the gap in between the tree branch and the roof must be off 8 feet. This will stop them from jumping from the trees to the roof.

Step 4: Set squirrel guards

Next, you need to buy yourself squirrel guards from the market. You can get them at the nearby hardware stores. They are not expensive.

So, you can get a lot at a low price. Place the squirrel guards at the bottom of the trees and wired areas or on the chimney head.

The guards will help you to make the place closed for the squirrel to pass through. It is more like a cage to get them caught.

So, be extra careful that you regularly check the guards if they have caught any squirrel or not.

Keeping them in the guards for a long time can cause them to death. And that is not what you want. Whenever you find them stuck, release them at once.

Measuring threat to the squirrel will make them stop coming to that place. You can also install the sheet metal as guards, and the squirrels will not be able to climb them.

That will keep them away. Besides, attaching the sheet metals are the appropriate guards to make them stop coming.

Step 5: Install slim PVC pipes on the wires

If the squirrels are using the wires to get through, then this is the perfect process to go with. Get yourself a slim PVC pipe.

Cut them into small sections. Then cut the pipes according to the lengthwise. This will help you to install it on the wires.

And once you have placed the pipes on the wires, the squirrel can not pass through.

As they climb on the wire, the pipe starts to move and makes them fall off without hurting them. This means you will not harm them and also can keep them away.

These steps can help you to keep these animals away from your house. But you can make a small place in your garage or any outside rooms to help them to build a nest.

As a human, it is our duty to help the animals live freely. So, make the arrangement of their home at first to make them stop coming.

Besides, whenever you catch a squirrel, you need to free them to the place where you have made a place for their living.

This will help them to find a place and make their homes easily.


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