How to Keep Carpet Edges from Fraying – 6 Techniques to Follow

Fraying carpet is a common problem in most of the households. Poorly installed carpets and the transition areas are tricky as it can make you trip over.

So, how to keep carpet edges from fraying?

There are many reasons of fraying, and it can worsen with- the constant movement of people with rough shoe texture on new or aged carpet, movement of heavy furniture or exposed wood/metal of the furniture, pet scratches, vacuuming on the frayed area, etc.

You can stop further fraying by repairing it as soon as you can.

6 techniques to keep carpet edges from fraying

How to Keep Carpet Edges from Fraying – 6 Techniques to Follow

1. Cut off the Frayed Carpet Edge 

First, you might think about cutting a portion of the frayed carpet, which may seem a straightforward task. But it is not so.

You need to measure and mark your carpet with chalk first so that you can cut it straight and not go sideways.

Using a utility knife to cut the edge is the handiest and probably the best tool for this task. You can also use a carpet cutter.

Whatever tools you choose to cut with making sure that the tool is nice and sharp.

If your knife is not sharp and it has rust on it, then you will damage your carpet more than its current condition.

2. Fix with Carpet Binding Equipment

Carpet Binding equipment like Instabuild is an easy to use product plus it enhances the beauty of your carpet.

You just need scissors, hot glue machine, glue sticks (latex-based recommended), Long nozzle tip.

Cut a little portion from the beginning point of your instabind to have a fresh start from the middle of your carpet.

Slowly pull the sticker off it while going forward. Continue to press the instabind around your carpet as closely as you can.

You can use a heavy book to keep the pressure on. At the corners just cut the plastic and flap it on each other to make a corner shape of the bind.

Then again, you can cut the bind to matching it with the starting point.

Now its time for gluing. Before this part, you can make some final adjustments. Then glue the ends of your bind and go through the carpet edges.

And you’ll have a secured carpet. It has many types and styles of carpet edges which can perfectly go with your preference.

  • Faux leather style: This style is almost like the traditional binding but without any stitch visibility and more durable than it. The faux leather style is available in many stock colors and 48-foot rolls.
  • Regular binding style: If you want your carpet to look traditional, then this regular binding style is just the solution for you.
  • Cotton binding style: For binding wool or cotton or any natural fiber rug, this cotton binding style is just perfect.
  • Synthetic serge binding style: This style is more durable than usual serge binding.
  • Cotton serge style: Without even owning an expensive serging machine, having a beautifully serged carpet is possible. And it’s all because of instabind cotton serge style. It is available in many colors from the cotton serge yarn line.
  • Rope edge style: Many people use Instabind rope style in yachts/boats & seashore home interiors for it’s a marine look.
  • Outdoor marine style: This binding style is made mildew and ultraviolet ray proof, especially for outdoors.
  • Safety edge style: Neon green and orange is used along with a reflective edge that shines in the dark. It is specially made for places having a minimum light source like hallways.

3. Use 4 Series Carpet Edge Sealing Tip

This sealing tip is available for left or right-hand users. The tip allows carpet edges to be sealed with a hot glue machine and saves time cost.

The exclusive design of these tips assures excess glue is directed onto the backing of the carpet, and not makes a glob at one place.

With a little practice, you can seal all the carpet edges of your home in just a few hours.

4. Secure with Transition Strips

Transition strip works like a safety feature in your home. Transition strip is used when transitioning from one-floor type to another.

For example- tile to carpet. There are varieties of transition strips, and choosing the correct one for your floor type is essential.

  • Metal carpet transition strips: Most commonly used is the metal transition strip. The transition strip should cover half part of the carpet and half part of the other floor type.

Then you have to drill through the wholes of the transition strip and put some nails into it. But you have to be very careful with the nailing part.

Because the top of the nail can cut under your foot, so make sure to nail correctly.

  • PVC carpet transition strips: Using PVC transition strip is a cost-effective choice.

These strips can be curved easily and come in a huge range of colors. You match it with your floor or carpets color.

5. Use Binding Tape

Another choice for keeping your carpet from fraying is to use binding tape. Binding tapes are available in various colors and thickness.

If you want your edge to look slim, then use the small size and if you want your edge to look prominent, and then buy the bigger size that goes well with your carpet.

6. Secure Edges Using a Heat machine

If you want to stop the fraying and keep your carpet original without giving it a different look, then try using a heat machine or a blow torch to melt the edges a little bit.

Do not hold the flame directly over the material of your carpet. It should be just close enough to cause a low melting but not too much that can burn your carpet.

And you’ll have a correctly sealed carpet.

Hope these tricks will help you to restore the edges of your favorite carpet. Don’t forget to share if you know any other technique. Please comment below.


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