How To Keep Bats From Roosting Under Eaves

Bats are mammals that tend to live under the eaves of the house or any narrow area that is away from the direct light.

This tendency makes them to build roosts in your attic or eaves.

So how to keep bats from roosting under eaves or any other narrow place of your home gets a huge question mark.

how to keep bats from roosting under eaves

Bat is an animal that causes droppings on the floor or the area where they live. Those droppings create a terrible smell around your house.

Besides, the risk of infecting your kids with rabies gets higher of having bats near your house.

These reasons alarm us to keep away the bats from roosting around the house. But how to do it?

To get the easiest methods to keep away the bats from your house, follow the below section.

How To Keep Bats From Roosting Under Eaves – 4 Effective Methods

There are many methods to keep bats ways from your house. But for all the methods, the most critical part is to identify the area where they live, or they are roosting.

And to identify the area of their roosting, all you need to do is to look for the droppings of the bats. The bat droppings are dark and small.

Look for a place where these droppings are more concentrated. Because the focused area indicates the roost of the bats.

And when you have pointed out the area of the bat roost, then you are free to use any of the methods to keep them away from your eaves or even your house.

The methods are given below:

Method 1: Newspaper roll slaps around the bat roosting

As you have identified the place of the bat roosting, you can try to use a newspaper roll-up.

For this, roll up a newspaper and slap the area with it in the day time. In the day time, the bats are present in their roosting.

They hate direct light. So, it is recommended to slap the area with the roll while they are present.

This way, the sound and flapping will make them go away and keep them away from your house.

Method 2: Installing a light source near bat roosts

Installing a light source near the bat roosting can also help you to keep them away. The bats do not like to get exposed to direct or bright light.

So, if you place a bright light around the place, it will make the bats go away. Besides, this way you will be able to keep your house safe from the thieves also.

Method 3: Using mothballs around the bat’s nest

Mothballs are bat repellents, and the smell they make is unpleasant to the bats.

So, you can use a bag full of mothballs and hang them to the eaves or put it near the place where the bats have been roosting.

The smell of the mothballs will drive the bats away and will make your home bat free. And as the mothballs are chemicals, so keep them away from your children.

Method 4: Build a one-way cage around the roost of the bat

Bats go out of their roost when the sun sets. So, during that time, you can build a one-way cage or one-way exclusion gate.

For this, you will need a net of the bird’s cage, wood frame, duck tapes, and staplers.

Block all the sides of the cage, leaving the bottom of the cage open. Attach all the sides with staplers and ducktapes.

Do not forget to extend the net to the skin of the eaves or the wall. This way, the cage or the exclusion gate will be sealed.

And if you do it properly, then the bats only can come out of their roost from the bottom. But they can not get in there again.

Because they can not fly from the bottom to upwards. And your house will be safe from the bats.

Not all bats or animals are harmful to us.

So, if the bat droppings are not creating any disturbance to you or if you get to know that the bats leaving in your eaves are not carrying the virus of rabies, then it is better to leave them to stay.

Because they are also a part of nature. And they keep other insects away from the house.

But sometimes they can roost in some severe places like a chimney, barn, etc. So, getting them out of those places gets very important.

Otherwise, they can get hurt in those places. Follow the description below to know how to keep the bats away from those places.

Get Rid Of Bats In Chimney

To get rid of the bats in chimneys you can make a one-way exclusion cap.

Just let the bats fly away when the sun sets, and you can put the cap on top of the chimney head.

This way, they can not get back in there, and they will not be harmed either. Just keep in mind that, do not fire the place. That will lead them to death.

Get Rid Of Bats In A Barn

Barns are the place where people do not get into easily. So, this place is loved by the bats. As they do not like many visitors.

Getting them out of place is difficult for this reason. Because you will not find one or two of them there, there will be a colony.

And to remove the bats from the barn, you can just put or install lights. Just do it in the summer or spring.

Do not do it in the winter as they can not go out and will lead to death.

How To Get Rid Of Bats In Attic Vent

As like the barn, the attic is loved by the bats to live in.

So, you can either install a light in the attic or use a one-way exclusion cap to make them go away for forever.

Bats usually do not harm any human until they are under attack.

So, if they are not creating any harm to you, let them stay where they are staying or just free them to the nature.


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