How to Jack Up a Mobile Home

Mobile homes are environment-friendly and also costs a little for you. Where building heavy buildings damage nature and also is a very costly method.

But using a mobile home for a long time can pop up with some unwanted issues like sagging floors or others.

So how to jack up a mobile home has become a major concern for the people who use mobile home.

how to jack up a mobile home

Mobile home level uses are common as the house is built on small pillars and arches.

And as time runs, the soil under the home starts to sit in a more compact form; then it was in the previous time.

Which causes problems with opening doors or windows, stuck doors, sagging floors, and other structural issues.

Find out the below description to know the step by step to solve the problem and have a beautiful and environment-friendly home.

How to Jack Up a Mobile Home: 4 Steps

Step 1: Find out the problem area and go beneath the place

At the very beginning, you need to identify the area where you are having the issue.

Locate the problematic plot and go beneath the area where the problem was felt or seen.

As the mobile homes are a bit high with the pillars and the arches, you can easily go under it and find out if there is any problem or not.

Step 2: Check the water levels on the I-pillars

The mobile home I-pillars comes with water level bubbles in it. The water level bubbles give the reading of the home or the part if it is at a level or not.

If the bubble in the leveler is not in the center, it means the part is not leveled. And if the bubble is in the center, then the part is leveled.

So, find out that the mark you have made of the part is having any water level issue or not. If so, then the problem lies there.

If not, then look for the nearby water levels to find out the problematic area.

Step 3: Place your mobile home jack to level the area

Once you have found the place that is causing the problem, then you need to put the mobile home jack under the pillars.

Placing the jack in the perfect place is very important to keep the home undamaged.

After you have placed the jack under the pillar, now raise the jack-up to level the water bubble.

Keep raising the jack until the water level bubble is in the center. Check if the doors or the sagging floor or any other issues you had are fixed or not.

If not, look for another place where the problem lies. If you see that the problem is solved, it means your job is done to level it.

Step 4: Place large wedges or block to support the pillars to hold the level

As you have leveled the home, now you need to slide in the large wedges of wood or block under the pillars and slowly remove the jack from there.

You have to be very much careful while doing so.

Because if you make any mistakes doing it, the problem will be still there and you will have to do it all over again.

Make sure that the wedges or the blocks you are using to support the pillars are strong enough to hold up the weight of the house along with the people in it.

As mobile homes are convenient and are also cost-effective, they are getting famous day by day.

These houses are also very good for nature we are living in.

So, knowing the facts and knowing how to solve the problems can help you to choose the best option for you to live in.

And solving the jack-up issue is so easy that anyone with the help of a few tools can solve it.

Other queries related to mobile home leveling is discussed below to help you out to get the best choice for your dream home.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Mobile Home Leveled

The cost of the mobile home leveling totally depends on the size of the home.

If you are planning to have a single wide mobile home leveled, then it will cost you around 400 to 600 dollars according to the place you are living in.

But if you are planning to have a double-wide mobile home leveling, then it will cost a bit lower than the single-wide ones.

The double-wide one will cost you around 700 to 900 dollars. The amount may vary from company to company and place to place.

How can You Tell if a Mobile Home is Unlevel

There are many ways to tell if the mobile home is unlevel. Many signs can help you to identify if your home is unlevel.

Such as water is running to one side of the house. The door or windows got stuck or makes a sound.

There are cracks in the wall or in the ceiling of the home. The floors make a sound when you walk on them or many others.

But these are the most common issue or signs that are faced regularly in an unlevel home, and you can easily spot them out.

How Often Does a Mobile Home Need to be Leveled

The soil setting process of the nature is a continuous process. There is no pause in it.

That does not mean that you have to check your mobile home level every single day.

But it is recommended by the professionals that you check your mobile home level in every three months.

You should also check the level if there were a recent storm or an earthquake that took place.

These natural calamities also affect the level of the soil as they move the soil from the beneath and can change the soil density.

Having a mobile home placed in real life, for your dream house to take place is a good idea.

Because at this time of the century where everything got mechanical, you can enjoy your beautiful time in your one storyed mobile home skipping the machine life.


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