How to Install Metal Mobile Home Skirting

For many years, people have been using metal skirting for manufactured homes. Metal mobile home skirting has many different advantages.

You should know how to install metal mobile home skirting if you want to enjoy the advantages of having a metal mobile home skirting.

how to install metal mobile home skirting

Nowadays, galvanized metal skirting is the most common. These come in different shapes and colors.

One of the biggest advantages of using metal skirting is that it is very strong compared to the conventional ones.

Metal skirting is stronger than vinyl skirting. Also, the maintenance of a metal skirting is easier.

You don’t need to be worried about metal skirting to blow off by strong wind or other external pressure.

The cost of metal skirting is also not that expensive compared to the conventional skirting options.

Metal skirting also lasts for many years, which makes it a great option for mobile home skirting.

The only disadvantage of metal skirting is that it takes a long time to install.

But with the proper technique and tools, you will be able to successfully install metal mobile home skirting. Follow the step by step guide mentioned below.

How to Install Metal Mobile Home Skirting

Step 1: Remove the hardboard trim and attach J-channel

At first, you will need to remove any hardboard trim that is already attached. On the other hand, you won’t need to remove the sidings in the bottom row.

Now attach a J-channel by screwing it. Screw it at least 4 inches above from the bottom.

If you are confused about how to attach it, follow the existing siding. Similar to the existing siding, screw the J-channel.

The purpose of attaching the J-channel is that the skirting will fit in the J-channel. It will provide support to the skirting.

Step 2: Hang plumb-bobs at the four corners of your house

As an alternative to plumb-bobs, you can also use nails. Hang the plumb-bobs at each corner of the house.

Now, you will need to attach a mason’s string all around the house. After tying the string, you will need to see it has set properly.

You can use a level to see if that the string has been attached properly.

Step 3: Lay green treated 2×4 around the house

Now, you will need to lay green treated 2×4 around the house. Lay it around the string line you attached earlier. Now, take a few wooden stakes.

Place these wooden stakes behind the 2x4s. Keep a gap of at least 5 feet between each wooden stake.

Now, you will need to lift the green treated 2x4s. After lifting it, you will need to screw it so that these stay right in place.

To screw it, use 4 inches galvanized screws into the stakes. Don’t properly so that it stays in the place. You won’t need to put too much pressure.

Step 4: Dig a hole and fill it with pea-rock

To dig a hole in the ground, you can use a spade. Dig at least 6 inches. While digging, you will need to be very careful around the stakes.

Don’t dig too much near around the stake so that the stakes fall off. After digging the hole, fill it with pea-rock. Don’t fill the entire trench. Fill at least 2 inches.

Step 5: Purchase ribbed metal sheets

After purchasing metal ribbed sheets, you will need to measure and cut it. You need to cut the sheets in such a way that it will fit properly under J-channel.

Before placing each sheet, make sure you measure the sheets first. Screw the sheets at the top and bottom of green treated 2x4s.

You will need to attach screws at all of the corners and in the middle, as well. You can use self-tapping screws.

If the color of the metal is a bit different from the regular ones, you will need to match the color first and then attach it.

Now, you will need to place the insulating board. Set it on top of the green treated 2×4.

Step 6: Fill the rest of the trench with pea rock

After digging a 6 inches hole, you filled it with 2 inches of pea rock. Now that you have installed the skirting, it is time to fill the rest of the trench.

If you fill the trench with pea rock, it will help to keep rodents out. Also, the skirting will not shift in case of ground swelling.

Step 7: Vent the skirting at each corner

Now you will need to vent the metal skirting. To do this, you will need to make holes from the skirting. Then, install air vents in it.

You can make two doors at the metal skirting. It is optional. But it is a good idea to install the doors as it will help you later on.

You will need to make a vent of at least 120-150 square feet.

That is how you can install a metal mobile home skirting. Although it is not an easy task to do, with patience and right technique, you can do it successfully.

Does Mobile Home Skirting Have to Be Vented?

Yes, you will need to vent mobile home skirting. It is crucial to have a ventilated system in the mobile metal home skirting to prevent mold growth.

Also, if you want to get loan, the mortgage lenders will want it. If you do not install a proper ventilation system, the moisture from the soil will not go away.

If you install a proper ventilation system then it will get enough airflow which will help to get rid of the moisture.

If you don’t install ventilation, it will cause unwanted warped floorboards.

To get proper ventilation, you will need to keep enough space at four sides of the house. There are skirting available with built-in ventilation.

You can get those, or you can build on your own. It is crucial for the mobile home skirting to have proper ventilation like other normal houses.

If you maintain the proper technique, you can build a mobile metal home skirting successfully. Work with the patient, and you will have a beautiful metal mobile home skirting.


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